Democratic House Ethics Com. Member Has Issues

As I posted on another board, just to show I am an equal opportunity basher of those without ethics, check this out:

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) today disclosed that it filed a 500-page Complaint on February 28 with the office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia detailing hundreds of ethics law violations by Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-WV).

Rep. Mollohan is the ranking member of the House ethics committee and a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee. The Wall Street Journal this morning carried a front-page story about the case.

The lengthy complaint followed a nine-month investigation by NLPC, the ethics group that also broke the Boeing procurement scandal in 2003. NLPC alleged financial conflicts of interest by former Air Force official Darleen Druyun in negotiating the lease of refueling tanker aircraft. Ms. Druyun and Boeing CFO Michael Sears eventually served prison terms, and Boeing CEO Phil Condit resigned.

NLPC’s investigation began when its review of the Financial Disclosure Reports of House Appropriations Committee members showed a sharp increase in Rep. Mollohan’s assets from 2000 to 2004. A closer examination revealed that Mollohan and his wife had more than $2,000,000 in real estate investments with a former staffer, Laura Kuhns, and her husband. Kuhns ran a nonprofit, Vandalia Heritage Foundation, which had received more than $28 million in appropriations earmarks with Mollohan’s help from 2000 through 2005. She was also on the board of other nonprofit groups which had received over $100 million in earmarks of federal funds during the same period with Mollohan’s help.

Mollohan’s 2000 Financial Disclosure Report listed his income-producing assets as being worth from $179,012 to $562,000 with liabilities of $170,000 to $465,000. Among the liabilities was Visa credit card debt listed as $45,003 to $150,000.

Just four years later, Mollohan’s 2004 Financial Disclosure Report showed him with assets worth $6,313,025 to $24,947,000 offset by liabilities in the $3,665,011 to $13,500,000 range. It also showed him owning an oceanfront beach house on Bald Head Island, NC which was valued at $1,000,000 to $5,000,000. NLPC found that Mollohan was renting the beach house during the summer of 2005 for $11,975 a week.

The NLPC effort began in May 2005. Over the ensuing months, NLPC staff filed Freedom of Information Act requests and examined thousands of pages of real estate, financial and legal documents. Slowly a picture of Mollohan’s finances emerged that was sharply different from the one being portrayed in the Financial Disclosure Reports which the Congressman was required to file by the Ethics in Government Act.

For the period 1996 through 2004, NLPC found that the Financial Disclosure Reports:

• repeatedly failed to disclose real estate assets which public records showed were owned by Mollohan and his wife

• repeatedly failed to disclose financial assets which public records showed were owned by Mollohan and his wife

• repeatedly failed to disclose major loans which were used in the acquisition of financial assets which were not being disclosed

• failed to disclose interests in companies which owned major assets

• grossly undervalued assets, giving purported valuations which were a small fraction of the assets’ true value

NLPC Chairman Ken Boehm stated, “Our research was extremely specific. When Mollohan failed to disclose an asset we would document his ownership interest with a deed, Uniform Commercial Code filing or other public record. In all, we documented over 250 misrepresentations and omissions. Every Financial Disclosure Report filed by Mollohan from 1996 through 2004 had major errors. Most of the errors had the effect of understating the value of his holdings – sometimes the assets he did not disclose exceeded the ones he did.”

“The real issue here is not whether Mollohan systematically was hiding financial and real estate assets and grossly misrepresenting their value. He was. The real issue is why he was hiding those assets. Mollohan is the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct – popularly known as the ethics committee. He has served on that committee, which has jurisdiction over the filing of Financial Disclosure Reports, for 9 years (1985 to 1991 and then 2003 to present). No one in the House has more familiarity with the disclosure laws than he does. Any kind of excuse that he did not know how to fill out his financial disclosure reports – for a 9 year period – does not pass the straight face test.”

“The bottom line is Mollohan got very wealthy in a four year period. His account of his finances during this period is demonstrably false. The fact that he earmarked well over $100 million in tax dollars to groups associated with his business partner is about as big a red flag as one can imagine.”

Here is a link to the Post discussion of the same:

whattt?? Democrats are perfect. Stop with this blasphemy. Right-wing media!

Incorrect. All politicians are pond scum. I just hope that the 2006 elections balance the scum level out a bit…

Uh, ok? Congratulations, you found a democrat with ethics problems! Dig up some house leaders, or dozens of members, and get back to me.

“Rep. Mollohan is the ranking member of the House ethics committee and a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee.”

Not a house leader.

Is his legal fund being funded by the DNC? Does he have links to dozens of other Democrats through illicit fundraising activity? Are the dems trying to change governmental rules and laws to help him out?

The trick to politics is balancing the creeps and the assholes so that they are too busy fighting one another to screw us over.

Who are you again? ;)

So, as I read this, Rep. Mollohan under-reported his assets, right? That’s pretty much it, huh? Not to turn a blind eye to reporting violations, but without anything else, I’d be more worried about Rep. McKinney inappropriate travel expenditures (i.e. not very much at all.)

Sounds like there’s something shady here, but it’s worth noting that the NLPC is a solidly right wing organization.

They have focused most of their efforts on things like union corruption, they bizarrely pressured Toyota to cut aid to a charity project run by Jesse Jackson. More telling, they have been dead silent on Tom Delay, but the president of the NLPC wrote an article for Newsmax attacked Delay’s prosector (Earle) ( ) .

Which is not to say they haven’t found real corruption, just that you shouldn’t believe that “non-partisan” crap for a second.

Like I said, I cut and pasted … been more of a lurker here than poster.

Substantively, I think failing to report millions in assets, many of which may be directly connected to legislation you are called to act upon, satisfies my stinky factor test for major ethics problems. I have not dug into that part …

Perhaps the most utterly disappointing thing is this guy was charged with heading up enforcement of ethics!! That is like state bar counsel co-mingling trust funds … I think that position buys a real zero tolerance approach.

I am not taking them as non-partisan at all. I am taking them as careful and if they say they have the goods from public records, I am betting it is true. Talk about stupid!

The other guy was bad first is not a defense. BTW, I also strongly agree that Delay, Abramoff, et al are total scum.

I think the tendency of both bipolar ends of the political spectrum now tend to defend their sins by saying the other guy was worse. That is no defense. We all need to stop putting up with this shit. If that means sacrificing short term party gain for long term improvement of the country as a whole, so be it.

BTW, I think the Dems best tactic would be to firmly and immediately plant this guy in the political cemetary. That truly would show a difference in approach, but time will tell if they circle the wagons or not.

What Shifty said. Supporters of each party need to stand up and say we will not tolerate this shit instead of saying, “but the other guy is worse than me!”

Getting back to McCullough and his requested list…

Remember the latest liberal, bush bashing hero John Murtha?

In 1978, the Federal Bureau of Investigation embarked on a sting operation, labeled Abscam, in which agents posed as Middle Eastern businessmen offering bribes to senators and congressmen. The FBI targeted 31 government officials in total during the operation, including state officials in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Six congressmen, Democrats John Jenrette of South Carolina, Raymond Lederer of Pennsylvania, Michael Myers of Pennsylvania, John Murphy of New York and Frank Thompson of New Jersey, and Republican Richard Kelly of Florida, and one senator, Democrat Harrison Williams of New Jersey, were convicted of bribery and conspiracy charges in 1981.

Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania also was indicted but not prosecuted because he gave evidence against Murphy and Thompson. Only one lawmaker, Republican Sen. Larry Pressler of South Dakota, refused to take the bribe, saying at the time, “Wait a minute, what you are suggesting may be illegal.”

How about the libs favorite ‘maverick’, John McCain and friends?

The Keating Five scandal from 1989 implicated five senators in another corruption probe. Democrats Dennis DeConcini of Arizona, Donald Riegle of Michigan, John Glenn of Ohio and Alan Cranston of California, and Republican John McCain of Arizona, were accused of strong-arming federal officials to back off their investigation of Charles Keating, former chairman of the Lincoln Savings and Loan association. In exchange, the senators reportedly received close to $1.3 million in campaign contributions.

The Senate Ethics Committee concluded that Glenn and McCain’s involvement in the scheme was minimal and dropped the charges against them. In August 1991, the committee ruled that the other three senators had acted improperly in interfering with the Federal Home Loan Banking Board’s investigation.

Or another diddy on the moral depravity of our politicians in washington who could care less about how much money they spend, or who’s money it really is:

In 1992, many House members were suspected of bouncing checks from accounts they held at the so-called “House Bank” – a loose operation that allowed member of Congress to cash their checks but kept shoddy records and often were quite delayed in recording deposits or withdrawals.

Although the lawmakers had broken no laws and many did not even know they were bouncing checks, several took advantage of the bank system and many voters viewed the scandal as a blatant abuse of power.

Of the 296 sitting representatives and 59 former members who had overdrafted their personal accounts in the preceding 39 months, the House Ethics Committee released a list of the 24 worst abusers. Twenty were Democrats, although Republican Rep. Tommy Robinson of Arkansas was the worse offender, with 996 overdrafts.

It wasn’t hard to round up the selective info most democratic sympathizers would rather forget. I just looked at my favorite, partially publically funded bastion of liberal indoctrination- PBS.ORG - I highly doubt they would be biased against democrats, their most fervent supporters.

That was almost thirty years ago.

How about the libs favorite ‘maverick’, John McCain and friends?

John McCain is a Republican, you dumb bastard.

Or another diddy on the moral depravity of our politicians in washington who could care less about how much money they spend, or who’s money it really is:

Now this… this one is really rough. We can only thank the good Lord Jesus that they were too busy not caring who’s money they were spending to realize it was their own, and that no permanent damage was done during this vicious Congressional crime wave, resulting in a ghastly zero illegal acts.

The other four weren’t.

I know, but he specifically called out McCain. Anyway, the other four are… well, four. And one of them had the charges dropped. Going back fifteen years to find three Senators accused of corruption and thirty years to find a handful of Congressmen doesn’t seem to me to indicate that corruption is exactly running rampant throughout the party.

He probably meant that MacCain is (was?) a favourite among Dems. That said, bmulligan is obviously a stupid cunt.

If you’re looking for a sign of the rampant corruption of the democrats, Look no further. These bashers love to talk about Delay or Bush, but what about Tweed?!

But they are the same players in current politics, and becuase people like you have short or no memories, they can keep getting away with shit that you are to stupid to rember.

John McCain is a Republican, you dumb bastard.

John McCain is a whore, just like your mother was 30 years ago. They’ll do anything to save their own ass and get some attention.

Honestly, does being a complete jackass and calling me names make you feel like a man? Maybe you should grow some testicles, save up for the hormone injections, and finally get that add-a-dick-to-me procedure you’ve been longing for.

What does responding in kind make you?

Glad to see the dialogue being elevated.

Of course, the same applies here too.