Democrats tried to conspire with Soviets

I think this is one of the most amazing and disturbing things I have ever read. But it confirms something I had long suspected.

If this is true, it should be the biggest news story of the decade. The Dems were actively working with the Soviets. Or they would have, if Ted Kennedy hadn’t gotten drunk shortly after.

“Kennedy believes that in order to influence Americans it would be important to organize … televised interviews with [Andropov] in the USA.”

Kengor’s quote, I think, dramatically understates the issue:

Not hardly. It’s actually a remarkable example of some on the political left joining the other side.


Proof that Republicans conspired with Soviets

Proof that Republicans conspired with Communist Chinese

lol at the typical QT3 P&R forum response: But the Republicans are worse!!!

lol if you think this will get ANY play in the mainstream media.

I think maybe you’re unclear on what a conspiracy is.

Oh, for fuck’s sake.

No, I’m pretty clear on it.

Wow, if that point had flown any higher we could’ve launched a satellite with it.

Sorry, so you’re comparing one of the most important, strategically important and successful foreign policies moves, creating a detente with China to collectively oppose the Soviets – which has been public since the outset - with actually aiding and abetting the Soviets during the Cold War and specifically conspiring against the elected American government to work with the Soviets. Alrighty then.

Sorry, I have trouble keeping track of the good communists and the bad communists.

I have no doubt that’s the least of your troubles. Right and wrong, etc. – it’s all sooo complicated and unintuitive.

You changed your link! The link I was responding to (which is preserved in my quote) was your bizarre reference to the SALT I treaty. Not that your second thoughts produced anything more relevant.

A conspiracy cannot be conducted in public. The idea that the negotiation of a treaty which was then presented to Congress is equivalent to a US senator conducting secret and extra-governmental diplomacy with the USSR to prevent the election of a US president is so ludicrous that the only conclusion I can draw is that you have no stake in the interests of the United States. Or the West.


First off, let’s consider the sourcing here. We have a book written by a diehard conservative author (his two other books? “God And Ronald Reagan” and “God And George Bush”) quoting a piece of KGB correspondence that apparently isn’t cross-referenced anywhere else by collaborating documentation (otherwise, you know, the sourcing would be two or more documents, instead of one.)

I hate to burst the conservative bubble here, but I’m from Missouri, and this Show-Me stater is gonna need a little more than that. See, there are KGB memos that talk about alien abductions, nonexistent assassination plots, hell all sorts of fanciful, not-reallly-occurring events. The KGB in the years following detente was factionalized and cutthroat…thus you have a memo that may or may not be what it seems, especially given that a communique from a high-ranking member of the US Senate (and a Kennedy to boot!) generated (as far as we know, and I’m sure the author of the book tried) no cross-referenced message traffic. So yeah, I’m a bit skeptical. There’s a reason that so far only the Washington Times has picked this story up.

But let’s take it a step further. Let’s say that in coming days or weeks Senator Kennedy steps up and authenticates the communication. Then you’ve got a bigger story–but it isn’t “Democrats tried to conspire”, rather, than “misguided alcoholic Senator acted on his own”.

Try again guys, the election’s 10 days away, and this dog doesn’t hunt.

Those are all very reasonable points (although the “Show Me” stuff is a little melodramatic - just because it’s the Internet isn’t a reason to get all embarrassing). I’m also quite interested to see if this can be authenticated. But it’s interesting to contrast your post with someone Googling up SALT I. Rather than actually address the issue intelligently, I get nonsense. I know it’s Qt3 P&R, but still…SALT I?

Like everything that has to do with KGB archives, this needs to be verified, so we’ll see. When I read it, I was pretty shocked. I see that others don’t quite have the same reaction.

Lastly, this post isn’t meant as any Election Day anything. It would be silly to expect anyone to change a vote based on something Ted Kennedy allegedly did or did not do in 1984. I know everybody is all bent out of shape about Nov. 7, but please… no matter what happens, Gears of War is still going to be released. I know that’s all that really matters.

The Iranian hostage release was timed to happen on Reagan’s first day instead of Carter’s last day. Clearly, the Republicans conspired with the Iranians even before Ollie North baked them a cake!

Diplomacy is conspiracy by definition. Often diplomacy happens outside governments (such as Carter negotiating with Kim Jong Il over their nuclear program while Clinton was planning a surgical strike and probably the onset of the second Korean War). This is not news. (“OMG Henry Kissinger conspired with Le Duc Tho to end the Vietnam War!”) And it is rare that diplomacy is NOT calibrated to have an impact on domestic politics.

Are you accepting this random Internet article and an alleged KGB memo as a factual document? Alrighty then.

Yes, this is the conclusive proof of your long-held theory that the Democrats are in cahoots with the Communists! Call Senator McCarthy!

BTW, this was a nice touch from the blog you linked:

It’s so true. You know why Bush can’t find Bin Laden? Because he’s holed up at Pelosi’s estate in San Francisco.

Because, you know, leftists hate America and all that.

Well, heck, if you are that credulous, I’ve got some links that’ll really make the monocle pop out of your eye. Did you know that the administration faked 9/11, with remote-controlled airplanes? Did you know that Al Qaeda is just a front for the KGB?

Welcome to the internets.

I have pictorial proof that Retardicans conspired with Saddam Hussein. So fucking what?

Many a true word.

At this point, I will PAY you to STFU.