Demographic Study #2: Marital Status

The second of a demographic inquery.

Can you do these in the Everything Else forum if you’re going to do more?

Sorry, this is the only forum I frequent. My wife and I were discussing the “Games and Parenting” thread that was raging a few days ago. She wondered how many of the men (as I assume most of us are, sadly) were divorced.

We both figured that divorced men with step children might be a bit more leanient with their kids then genetic fathers. I didn’t know the demographics so this DOES pertain to gaming, because gamers frequent this forum.

Can I point you in this direction?

Apparently the trick is to put “OT” in the subject line. Then nobody complains.

I would have done “divorced” and “remarried” as separate answers.

One of those answers usually equals “angry, bitter, and spends a lot of time listening to cynical rock music,” while the other equals “much happier and far more certain of the proper priorities in life.”

(In my case, at least, remarried equals the second of those. Though I do know some for whom those are reversed. :-) )

Huh, no single parents.

Where is the option for “Single, no kids that I’m aware of.”?

This doesn’t surprise me as much. Women often get custody in that case and this forum is male-predominant (as an understatement I’m sure ) :D

Well, 6 months ago you’d have had one.

I got married at 22, divorced at 23, currently have an almost 9 year old from that pairing, and just got re-married in June. I have joint custody (I’d call it 55%/45% in my favor) of my daughter.