Demonstration against G8 in Rostock/Germany gets ugly

Source Spiegel Online:


On Saturday evening in the northern German city of Rostock, Holofernes's chart-topping Berlin band, Wir Sind Helden, was doing its best to recapture some of the day's festive mood. Earlier on Saturday, tens of thousands had taken to the streets of the harbor city to protest the upcoming G-8 summit in the Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm. It had been a largely peaceful, almost lazy march. And extremely loud. But suddenly, in the afternoon, it descended into violence of the kind Germany hadn't seen in decades.

Police estimate that it was a group of around 2,000 Black Bloc anarchists who transformed the city-center into a battlefield. Chaos quickly took over. Hundreds of police were held in check by a steady rain of projectiles thrown by the black-clad, masked rioters. Elsewhere, police went after the anarchists with Billy clubs. The air quickly became acrid with tear-gas and smoke from burning cars -- and filled with the sounds of the battle: rocks raining down on police riot shields, breaking glass, whistles and shouts from the rioters. And everywhere, the screams on both sides of the many who were hit and injured

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I was wondering whether that was going to kick off. I’ve seen posters about the march plastered all over Frankfurt for the last month.

Didn’t this also happen with NATO and some Atari Teenage Riot concert?

Alec Empire actually attempting to destroy two thousand years of culture? I’d love to be there, at a safe distance, with a typewriter.

Oh, here it is.

In 1997 ATR was joined by Nic Endo, a Japanese-American noise/soundscape artist during the Beck tour. Their live shows during this time were characterized by violence. An outdoor show in Berlin on May 1st 1999 resulted in the arrests of all of the band members for “inciting violence” after crowds, assembled for an anti-NATO protest, rioted with police (the charges were later dropped). In another incident, a security guard in Brazil was allegedly hospitalized after being beaten by Elias with a microphone. A fan stated in an interview that the guard had grabbed her between the legs as she tried to stage dive[2].

So, bored teenages or real greviences?

Admittedly, at this point, seeing the Che flag i have to think their just teenagers mixed up with anti-war protesters looking for a little more fun than the mosh pit.

Those violent “black bloc” people are professional travelling thugs who regularly turn up at demonstrations to demolish cars, shop windows, policemen etc. I guess it’s their idea of “fun” but they weren’t just bored locals.