Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance

As Ikaruga taught us: NO REFUGE.

Will the Democrats nominate someone with a pulse? Will identity politics tear the party apart? Will we finally get some Sensible Moderates to defend America from the depredations of radical leftists and their demands for healthcare and education?

Will the Vichy Left continue its quarter-century run of dominance after any credible alternative was driven underground by OPEC and the Red Menace?

Your hot takes, after these messages.

AOC is pretty impressive so far.

This guy is terrible at Ikaruga. Credit feeding like the DNC.

Right now, I want this guy! He knows what is best in life!

I didn’t link this as a continuation of 2017: Whither Democrats?, my b you guys. I suppose most of the action has been in the shutdown thread anyway.

The ‘whither’ thread is no longer accepting posts, anyway.

Not defending the positions of the federal judge nominee, but this should have been an obvious political landmine for Harris, that she should have just avoided:

At most, she could have asked him if he would be able to make impartial rulings despite his membership in an organization with certain views, then said ‘thank-you’ and moved on.

My heart goes out to all the poor oppressed Catholics in America in 2019.

Robert Jeffress, who always hangs out with Trump and have the sermon at the US embassy in Jerusalem, litterally said that the Catholic Church is run by Satan.

I mean, Trump’s idiot coterie thinks an infinite number of fucking stupid things.

I feel the same way - yet I would be OK if more of them voted Democrat in 2020, rather than fewer of them.

I keep wishing this thread title said “Dem Hard With A Vengeance”…

And so the 2020 race officially begins. Warren tosses her hat in the ring.

We knew this was coming. I actually like her, but I dont see her having great support, which is sad. She’s a champion for consumer rights, which ought to mean something, but it pales in this progressive leaning segment, currently.

Warren will have support if Merkley and Bernie don’t run. The progressive wing of the party is going to get behind one candidate early. I suspect this early announcement is about clearing other progressives from the field other than Bernie, who can’t be bullied out, but who also might not run, and will have less support than Warren. (Warren’s a much better candidate)

Hopefully Merkley decides quickly to run or not run.

I’m going to get behind the most electable true progressive , whoever that is (and I don’t consider Beto, Biden, Harris, Klouchbar to be that). If another centrist Dem wins I’ll vote for them in the general, but I won’t have much enthusiasm.

This tweet thread is an excellent analysis of where Warren is on the spectrum in comparison with Sanders.

Surely it was a feathered headdress?

I like Warren, but I predict this is a campaign that’s going to fizzle fast. I hope she continues to serve in the Senate or is appointed to a relevant position in a new administration, though. Her stances on consumer rights and limiting corporate power are desperately needed right now.

Will her campaign fizzle fast or ferociously ferment? I bet on the latter. I’m investing in eWarren stock early, and I’ve already sunk a cool $20 into her campaign. I expect it to pay big dividends by 2024.

I humbly petition the court for leniency on the matter of my inexcusable dereliction of duty.