Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


I missed the Venezuela shipwreck at first glance and was wondering if it was pro-socialism.


Well at least they’re being honest about what they think about equality these days.


Now you are a Nazi.


So far, day 1, Beto has impressed me with what he’s said. He’s at least saying the right things.

Trust others a lot more to achieve and believe those things.


The Denver Post says that their endorsement of Cory Gardner was a mistake. The Denver Post is mostly garbage and has bleed subscribers, but being a one paper town now for a decade, it is significant that they went this far to write this editorial. Not sure I’ve seen it before in Colorado:


Turns out treating your underlings like shit is a net positive:

“If you are a boss, you have to have high standards, and that is what I have always had. And that doesn’t mean it’s a popularity contest all the time,” she said. “And so I’ve had high standards for myself, high standards for our staff, and mostly I’m going to have high standards for the country.”

She added: “One can always do better, and that means you want to be sure that you are listening to people if they felt that something was unfair, or they felt bad about something. But I still think that you have to demand good product. When you’re out there on the world stage and dealing with people like Vladimir Putin, yeah, you want someone who’s tough. You want someone that demands the answers and that’s going to get things done, and that’s what I’ve done my whole life.”


Having known people like this my whole life, and assuredly you all do too, there’s no way this woman will ever get my vote.

Bosses who are always being hard asses to everyone are the worst. Productivity does not go up under such a boss.


The way she responded to that was not good. I think she’s done in my book too. There is a difference between tough and what some of her staff are claiming.


I mean, she’s my Senator and I’ve voted for her in every general, but it’d have to be like her and Noted Moderate John Kasich in a democratic primary for me to be on Team Klobuchar.


Sometimes you got to get tough, sometimes you got to eat salad with a comb.


Yeah. Makes things a bit easier.


A young Klobuchar staffer was sent to explain the senator’s lateness to the Franken staffer.

“I’m supposed to tell you,” she said, with a look of terror on her face, “Senator Klobuchar is late today because I am bad at my job.”

This shit isn’t someone with high standards, it is someone on a power trip.

“Especially while in the car during a busy day: if she is EXTREMELY upset about something, let her rant through it, DON’T interupt [sic] her unless ABSOLUTELY necessary and be careful when trying to calm her down … Often she just needs to talk things out in the open and is not interested in other people’s opinions ― this is something that you will become used to and adjust to ― its just a note for the first time this happens.”

I mean Jesus, this is a lot more than having “high standards” or a “strong work ethic” this is downright idiotic. She acts like a child.


I can definitely think of one circumstance in which this woman will get my vote.


I really like the field of candidates the Dems are running, so this does help narrow things down a little bit for me.


This one isn’t on the banks. The controlled substances act and various anti-money laundering rules make it a federal crime for the banks to lend to legal weed businesses. Most Banks would prefer to be able to lend to legal weed businesses, they just don’t want to get fined by their regulators or have some of their employees/leadership go to jail if some Trump Attorney General decides that cracking down on states who legalized/decriminalized weed is the hill he wants to die on.


Yep… we really need to sort out cannabis scheduling and regulation at the federal level. Just leave it up to the states.


Which is true. However my willingness to accept this is greatly curbed by the knowledge that banks have been more than willing to work with, and launder money for, the illegal drug trade

So my net response is that I am certain they would work with legal weed if they actually wanted to. They’d find a way. Legality or difficulty is clearly not a barrier to their behavior.


Yep. That’s pretty much what it’ll take though. I can’t fathom voting for her in the primary.


Not to defend her, because the way she treats her staff sounds barbaric… but this kind of approach to dealing with someone … I don’t think it’s terrible. For instance, my wife knows when I get home from work I don’t want her to be in my face telling me everything about the day and stuff she’s thinking - she realizes I need time to unwind. So when I get home in the afternoon I change clothes, grab a drink, and go to the basement for an hour of “computer time.” Then when it’s dinner time I come up and we spend the rest of the evening together.

If Klobuchar needs to rant and rave and work stuff out by talking to herself, I don’t see an issue with that. As long as she isn’t berating people or throwing stuff seems like it’s ok to let her unwind and process stuff this way. (assuming at some point she does take input from other people… if she never listens to other opinions well then she’s a big dummy in addition to being a big ol’ meanie).


This stuff though:

“I’m supposed to tell you,” she said, with a look of terror on her face, “Senator Klobuchar is late today because I am bad at my job.”

This isn’t about taking a breather. This a freaking bully, a very mean person. She doesn’t even try to address the heart of the problem, and it has nothing to do with a tough boss.