Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance




e: dang that ratio tho



It’s like someone from the future sent AOC back here to destroy the GOP via social media. She seems pretty invincible to their various ploys, even the one involving a fake nude photo of her. Which is somehow controversial despite the First Lady’s photographic adventures.


Joe Lieberman talking about the future of the Democratic party on FOX Business News. My eyes can not roll hard enough!


CNN heard from Politico who heard from whispers that the DEMS ARE IN DISARRAY.


My goodness. Why won’t she just fall into line? What does she think she is, a member of Congress elected to represent the interests of her constituents rather than the kind masters who have donated so much to the party over the years?



What I would worry about is that some non trivial portion of Cortez’s appeal stems from the impression that she is bucking the establishment and being a renegade.

If that becomes “her brand” then she may get pushed into a corner where she ends up having to buck effective governance just because her core supporters demand that kind of conflict all the time.


Or, you know, she could just start quoting your avatar, Timex, and nothing else will ever matter again.


Oh man, I hope there’s eventually an AOC tweet for everything, to offset the same phenomenon with Trump.




Heh, yeah, I saw that.



Cruz strikes me as more of the Heathcliff type.


Oh definitely, probably until the last few years. Then he got more hip. Now it’s Garfield so he’s more connected to the youngs.



The GOP’s goal, as evidenced by the Politco and NY Post stories today, is to weaponize her by pushing the narrative that she’s engaged in a death struggle with the rest of the party. “Let’s you and him fight.”


I read this with Wuthering Heights in mind but it still applies pretty well I think.


So I think some of this comes from the fact that the Justice Dems have announced that they’re going to primary Henry Cuellar. If Bill Clinton was center left…Cuellar is to the right of that.

Cuellar, if you remember, is the Democratic Representative who ran a goddamned fundraiser for a Republican house incumbent because they were friends.

Screw him. He deserves to be primaried for that.

And frankly, AOC should be doing EXACTLY what she’s doing. Right now she’s wielding INCREDIBLE political power on Capitol Hill. If you’re a Democratic House Rep in a district that is mostly blue, you’d better align yourself with AOC and her wing or you’re going to find yourself outside looking in.