Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


I mean, she’s a 20-something political neophyte, she’s going to have some stumbles and blunders. As someone who has been bitterly frustrated by Democrats always playing defense and seemingly being worried about publicly supporting positions lest the GOP call them liberals, she’s incredibly refreshing. Their attacks have just completely bounced off her (or better yet, rebounded) just by her being unapologetically who she is.


This guy is one of the biggest pieces of shit in Washington.


Shot at Louie Gohmert and Matt Gaetz outta nowhere…


Just to be clear here:
Cortez is not doing anything WRONG. She’s playing her hand well.
My concerns are more in line with what it may end up doing to the party overall. And on some level here, I’m aware that my concern here may be overstated, mainly because I’m still raw from seeing the GOP get dominated by its fringe.


Yes, the last thing we want is a Democratic Party dominated by people who believe this craziness.


So is it possible to elect 4 people to all be President at the same time?


President Voltron


Voltron vs. Trump? I’d love to see the debate, and suddenly “Form Blazing Sword!”


Isn’t that what we have now? Hannity’s in the coveted ass lion, Trump obviously demanded to be in the head. Stephen Miller has been piloting the colon. I assume he insisted Ivanka pilot the groin lion. It all makes sense now.


Every argument people put up against Bernie Sanders is being recycled against AOC.

Taking care of poor people and the planet are not fringe ideas. They’re morally correct ideas.


Fair enough. For my part, I feel that first we can move the Overton window to the point where it is acceptable to talk about bringing high-end tax rates back to the level of where they were under that raging communist Dwight Eisenhower, and where it is not political death to suggest that just maybe our military budget could be only as big as the next three or four countries combined, and then we can worry about whether the new left is dragging us over a cliff.


I mean that really depends on what your morals are. For the GOP, they certainly don’t fit under “correct” obviously. I think it’s literally a fringe idea to them. Why should they help out those that weren’t born into better life situations?


I refrained from the obvious sarcastic comment (“only a far left radical would think that”), but yeah I don’t get it. The US Congress is replete with right wing nut jobs that believe in all matter of crazy irrational shit, yet caring for the environment and the most vulnerable gets labelled as “loony left” or worse. It’s just bizarre.


Well this is the good outcome - AOC allies with progressive democrats to advocate for progressive democratic goals.


Not every argument. :)

She’s not old, she is charismatic, and she’s a member of the party.


She doesn’t look like Rick from Rick and Morty. :)


But we call them lunatics, right? I mean, there are tons of threads about that.


I think, even now, even now, incredibly, concern for the environment is lumped into this kooky ‘save the spotted owl’ treehugging thing. When in fact even if the only species whose wellbeing you care about is H. Sapiens, the only hard-headed, realistic, sane, pragmatic thing to do is put all other issues secondary to combating climate change.


Not really the best look.


It was a non-terrible idea for a publicity stunt that has now gone viral. It’s great press for him. He was pushing his local brew! :)