Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


Yeah, it had something to do with a resolution about brewing beer in America or something.

He didn’t just show up with a sixer to party down with his buds.


Yeah, Beto 2020 is happening.


Oh, initial reports were that he had bud light. Having beer from an actual constituent is better.

Still though, I dunno, seems chumpy. I realize that the GOP is a bunch of douchebags, but I still feel like folks in congress shouldn’t be idiots.


Now you’re setting an impossibly high bar!


Have you seen Congress lately? Louie Gohmert is like 10 idiots all wrapped up in 1 human.


I said that in the first part of that sentence!



Next time bring vegan donuts.


Megan McArdle with her characteristic sneer:

Actually, Megan, maybe it is.


Megan McArdle: No, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The fact is, it’s not because you’re a woman.

Narrator: (It is.)


The idea of GOP folks circulating fake nudes of a sitting congressperson is so far beyond the pale as to be absurd.


Getting their base to fantasize about and jerk off to nudes of a Democratic Socialist congresswoman does seem to be a bold strategy. Let’s see how it plays out!


He’s probably angling for a future Supreme Court appointment.


The transformation of the GOP into the Gamergate Fappening Incel party continues apace.


“Hank just like his daddy.”


Fantasizing that AOC isn’t actually a powerful female leader, but actually just an object of desire to be used as men want is the alt-right Republican mindset in a nutshell.


Tulsi is in!


She’ll get 1% and like it. If she gets more than that I’m going to be disappointed in the Dem electorate.


I’m especially looking forward to her bitter, angry recriminations against the “Democratic Party Establishment” that prevented her inevitable presidency.