Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance

Warren’s success depends on Bernie and whether he runs or endorses.

Jesus christ, Bernie is a billion zillion years old.

Look all I want in life is to see Bernie’s desperate shock of lightning-white hair that seems to be attached to nothing at all, and especially not anything on or near his head, absolutely fritzing out in the propeller-blast of a presidential helicopter ride photoshoot.

If we can arrange that without the presidency, so be it! I’m a simple man, with simple desires.

Wouldn’t that make it a Christmas thread?

It would not. Die Hard with a Vengeance is all about being set in the summer. It starts off with the song “Summer in the City” to emphasis that.

I stand corrected :)

Warren is like 70. They’re all old.

Whatever! 70 is the new 68.

Beto is 46, problem solved!

So he’s ancient, then, as opposed to decrepit and moldering?

Pshaw, where my 30-something’s at, y’all?

Apart from 50% of them being forbidden by the Constitution, of course.

I just want the President to be older than me, other than that, age is no issue!

Let’s amend the constitution so Ocasio-Cortez can run. This is the best and only option.

Bummer for Politico and NYTimes. How are they going to fill thousands of column inches with Dems in Disarray stories now?

Plenty of fodder for that incoming when actual discussion about the Green New Deal begins. Any time two Dems don’t 100% agree, expect 100-point headlines.

The problem with betting on 2024 is that she would either a) be running against an incumbent Democratic president, or b) she would be running against a 2nd term Trump, which would mean the world has already ended. Either way its a bad thing.

Sorry, I was expressing myself poorly. What I had in my mind was 4 years of Warren Presidency (2020-2024), and by the end of that time my investment would have paid off.

The opposition to the reformed paygo the sounds dumb… if you can count tax increases as offsetting spending, then what’s the problem?

Unless you literally just want to spend without paying for it at all.

The economic case for being able to do this is pretty strong. That’s where the opposition is. Democrats shouldn’t deny themselves a legitimate and necessary policy tool in order to appease confidence fairies who will never give them any credit for fiscal responsibility no matter what they do.