Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


Pelosi knows a good photo opp when she sees it.


Well, she’s swearing them in. That’s part of her job, too. She didn’t just horn in on a family celebration there.


Not what I was referring to. She knew that having heaps of family members around these new, extremely diverse, members would look great. Liberals can be good with families too!


Ah, fair point. And yes, she is definitely savvy about such things.



I don’t think that’s correct.


AOC is proof of concept of something many progressives have been harping on for a while, that there is value in having a vision and loudly and forcefully advocating for it. To hell with what GOP concern trolling will be. That we should spend more time crafting a left vision of America, and less up front looking for what is ‘politically practical/ expedient’.


So, like this?

Wow. (My heart says “Fuck yeah!”. My ever-cautious brain says “Let’s be a little bit careful at least.”)


Seems like some of these new folks need to locate their chill.


I like the spirit, now lest use it to get stuff done*

*as much as is possible with the Turtle heading the senate.


Indeed. Bills to reopen the government already headed to Mitch’s office. Now we wait to see what kind of pressure builds.


Yup. It’s hard for anyone with half a brain* to deny, the Dems are serious about their job and the shutdown is not of their doing.

*sadly this precludes a large percentage of the country


Dave Weigel also reporting that for the first time ever, the House will hold hearings on a Medicare For All bill, with the speaker’s blessing and encouragement.


Thank you, Rocket Surgeon CraigM, for finally expressing what has been impractical,nay, impossible, since fucking 1992. Apparently.


I mean I’m m, at heart, a pragmatic progressive. I get that negotiation and compromise are nessecary at times. I also think that it’s a fools errand to start by proposing the compromise position.

Which is why having a vote and debate on ‘Medicare for all’ as a health care policy is hugely encouraging. It sets the flag on a desired position, and now you can negotiate and work from that desired outcome to improve on it, or simply get closer to the desired end state.

I’m seeing more fight. I like that. Honestly so far I’m pretty pleased with the way the house has gone. Disciplined leadership, proposing actually left policy, and standing up and showing they bare the party of actual governance with the funding bills they put forward.



It really is incomprehensible.

I mean - what is she? A freshman congressperson - her influence would (under normal circumstances) be extremely limited; she’s one of 435 - has to learn the ropes - and is way to the left (meaning she’d normally have even less influence). She is - or should be - unimportant at this stage in her career.

I get that they need a new subject of hatred, now that Clinton is pretty much a non-entity, but setting up a young, charismatic, latina lady as their new subject of hatred has the potential to backfire incredibly badly in the long term.



Now there’s a Twitter feed with AOC dancing to every song.


Twitter can be fun every once in a while…