Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


I mean, this reminds me of the damning findings and scandal of Beto O’ Rourke being in a band.

Also, millenials can be stupid and easy to dunk on, on the internet.


Jacob Wohl,
Charlie Kirk,
Candace Owens,
Anyone from TPUSA,

Yeah, but there are non-idiots, like AOC, who know how to handle the internet.


Posting that video to somehow discredit AOC is the most incel bullshit ever.


I can’t fathom how we lived our dull, shitty lives before the internet.

You are amazed that they exist
And they burn so bright,
Whilst you can only wonder why.


I never noticed she had such big boobs before.



Just saw this picture of Pelosi:


“Pelosi, the newly elected majority leader of the House, was recently spotted with a serial adulterer, dressed to party. Is she in on the action? Democrats are in disarray, unsure of which side to take.”



Please let her be as genuine and full of potential as she seems. Is that too much to ask? The GOP must be digging through her past as exhaustively as they investigated Obama. She seems savvy enough to have either kept any potential ammunition off the web entirely or to have scrubbed it as much as possible before running for office, assuming any exists at all.


AOC has taken up the dancing torch, someone had to take over for Ellen in these trying times.


They are going to turn her into an unstoppable force.

And I’m here for it.


Current Dem with Hardest Vengeance: Nancy Pelosi
Current Dem Venging Hardest: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Current Attitude Vis-a-Vis GOP: Fuck them
Proposal on Table for Thoughtful Bipartisan Compromise: They get nothing

Current Mood: ::knife emoji::


It would appear Mr. AnonymousQ1776DanceShamer420_69ShitBonerz has now deleted their account.

It’s all going according to plan…


Possibility that Anonymous Twitter troll was AOC herself: not zero.


Hahahahahaahahahahha what?


Well, come on, that AnonQ Twitter handle was a little on the nose, wasn’t it?


My name is Craig M, and I endorse this sentiment.

Possibly true, but you also need to consider the fact that… the Q people aren’t all that bright. On he nose is an improvement from tilting at windmills.


Trump hasn’t been impeached yet, we don’t have universal healthcare, and the government is still shut down. Dems in disarray?

–Newspapers on Monday, probably.


Warning: Can’t be unseen


Also: can’t be seen. Schroedinger’s tweet.