Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


I think she’s just ignoring his silly analogy and using the opportunity to emphasize who the 70% rate is for.


I agree. She’s using it as more a teaching opportunity, which is the sort of thing she does (and I think is awesome).

For reference, it appears that five players on the Pats’ roster would be subject to some additional taxation under her plan (Brady, Gilmore, McCourty, Gronk and Hightower). I’m using Cap Hit as the metric, as I’m not sure how Signing/ Roster/ Workout/ Restructure/ Misc Bonus numbers are taxed. So the actual number would be between two and five players.

Even on a professional football team, this hits less than 10% of that group.


I didn’t know you were from Mass. Which part?


It’s a total non sequitur.

Excellence and excess of money are not the same thing. Never were.


Not to conservatives. Conflating wealth with excellence and poverty with immorality is a bedrock principle for the GOP. It has been since Reagan, if not before then. The poor are parasites; the rich are all John Galt.


Why do these guys go on about Jesus so much, again? :)


Heh… some other poster here actually explained that recently, from an evangelical’s point-of-view (which I neither share nor really want to understand). It boiled down to, he’s important for dying on the cross for us. All that shit he said can be completely ignored, and that’s what they do.


Damn sporting of him!


Which is why next year they’ll get the last draft pick.




Nobody tell them about revenue sharing in sports leagues


I’m not, i grew up near Philly. But i went to school in Worcester.


The 80s were racist as fuck in the UK, with only a nascent anti-racist movement and the very beginnings of equality legislation.

School as a minority was TOUGH. I had teachers and adults call me slurs, not just the kids, as was one of few brown kids in entire town at one point in my teens.

90s onwards tho, much better. Especially during Blair years. By then open racism was societal taboo.

But I lived in a time it wasn’t. And I think I will again, the way the West is going.


Ah. Berkshire County, here.


It’s rare that a political news story piques my interest these days. Maybe two or three times per year.

Someone just played the “it was consensual” card in 2019. I’ll be fascinated to see how people navigate this one.


So, who is third in line?

EDIT: it’s the Va Attorney General, another Democrat.


There must be something in the water over there.


Yeah, next we’ll find out the Va Atty Gen runs a dog fighting ring. Or maybe cat juggling.


Bernie continuing his ways - giving a separate SOTU response from the rest of the Dems. Can’t wait to watch him fracture the party again.

Also, Biden gearing up to jump in it sounds like. That’s going to be a No from me