Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


Someday you idiots are going to stop blaming Bernie for Trump and the modern GOP.

It will be a glorious day.


Are we permitted to blame Bernie for being Bernie, though? Because there’s plenty of material there, like this SOTU grandstanding.


I supported Bernie, I think Bernie would have won.

I do not support what he’s doing with this, and I was already going to vote Warren or Harris over Bernie in 2020. I’d even vote Inslee over Bernie.


I’m voting “yes.”

But yeah, sure Bernie made an impact on the 2016 election, but so did many other things (Comey, Clinton’s crappy campaign, the gullibility of the electorate, etc.).



This is a stupid argument because the NFL is already progressive. The successful teams get penalized for their success with lower draft picks and harder schedules. The Patriots will pick last in every round of the draft this year because they’re the champs, and they’ll have to play the teams with the best records in each other division next year because they won their division.

Also they limit how much a team can spend on salaries, and the owners pool the profits and split it equally.

WTF everything about this argument is stupid. But I expect nothing less from a republican.


Which is perhaps the way AOC should have gone with it - the fact that the NFL, and all the major sports leagues in the US, tries very hard to minimize the gap between the least successful and most successful teams. Sure, occasionally you get a very powerful team that succeeds a lot like the Patriots, but that’s the outlier.

That’s a comparison people would understand as well.


You’re right from a philosophical perspective, but I think AOC had the right political instinct:

This is not an open-ended exercise in redistribution, this is not about you and me, this is not even about pretty wealthy people like football players. This about the very, very, very wealthy who have abused the system for so long and now ought to pay their fair share.


John is one of my favorite twitter follows. It sounds like the end is fairly near, sadly.


Oh good lord. Guess Northam survives because all three state-wide elected officials have their own bad shit.


Tonight on Hannity:

SEAN - “So as you can see, this unbelievable photo clearly shows a group of friends, out drinking in blackface. That’s Governor Northam on the left, and on the right next to me is Mark Herring. They’ve got to go!”



Virginia AG:


The AG scenario will be an interesting test case. From my POV, owning a past mistake like that, with a long track record of positive steps, assuming there are no other skeletons in the closet, means he should not IMO be disqualified from public office. Assuming it’s true that it was one incident, at age 19, 39 years ago, and his track record since then has been good, I don’t consider being a dumb-ass at 19 to be the end of the road. That’s my opinion.


Pretty much as I see it. I have no real horse in this race, either.


Yep, I’m on the same page. Dumb mistake at 19, a long time ago with a good record since? OK.

Of course, I am in no way a stakeholder here.


FFS, Virginia!

This is the way to handle it, though. Get out in front, acknowledge it, point to your track record as a public servant.


Worth noting: fourth in line to be governor is the Republican speaker of the Assembly. Republicans hold the majority in the Assembly based on that coin toss that settled a tie vote in a gerrymandered district that has since been redrawn.



He knew he’d done it when he called for Northam’s resignation & said nothing. I don’t know…


What a weird coincidence that all of this is coming up with a Republican 4th in line. I’m sure he’s spotless, as all Virginian Republicans no doubt are. Or at least the right wing crowd won’t delve into his past at all of course.