Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


One billion percent this.

All day long it’s just this for them:


And it just twists the knife that the problem people won’t step aside, and the guy accused of rape won’t demand a full open investigation to clear his name, but instead is out demanding retractions.


I mean, if this is the shit Democrats have in their yearbooks, what does the GOP have? Actual lynchings?


Virginia Senator and Republican Majority Leader Tommy Norment

He was in line if the top three Democrats resigned. Since Norment’s a Republican it probably doesn’t matter for him.


If these people are decent people, they could say I was a racist piece of shit when that picture was taken, here are all the things I’ve done since then to help me not be the piece of shit portrayed there. But no, they excuse it, make everyone wonder have they really changed? How could they? They can’t even take ownership today.


Yeah, important to point out that Tommy Norment is Republican. I’m legitimately curious about how many current politicians have blackface photos of themselves out there somewhere or are complicit in celebrating them, like Norment here.


Pelosi said Wednesday, however, the panel would not be tasked with writing a specific bill, and brushed off the idea of the Green New Deal as a “suggestion.”

“It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive,” Pelosi said. “The green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it right?”

Pelosi has long championed stronger environmental rules, and described climate change as her “flagship” political issue.

In the past decade, she has already seen Democrats try and fail to pass a sweeping cap-and-trade climate law. The next attempt, she said, will need broader support. “This time it has to be Congresswide,” Pelosi said.

Yep, Oghier pointed out my mistake out too. I think Ima gonna leave the health care debate to people who know what they’re talking about. :)


Exactly. My Trump-loving brother said the exact same thing on the phone last night, and by the exact same thing I mean to say he thinks they should have said, “That was me and it was funny in the 80s. Deal with it, times have changed. I wouldn’t do it today, but get over it and move on. I have.”

Then I had to explain to him that Democrats are trying to be better people than that, but all it did was underscore some of the important differences between GOP supporters and the rest of us. Their expectations are different when it comes to addressing controversy, and ‘looking weak and folding’ just means you were ill-equipped as a leader in the first place.


That’s basically what Herring tried to do.

This was a onetime occurrence and I accept full responsibility for my conduct. That conduct clearly shows that, as a young man, I had a callous and inexcusable lack of awareness and insensitivity to the pain my behavior could inflict on others. It was really a minimization of both people of color, and a minimization of a horrific history I knew well even then […] As a senator and as attorney general, I have felt an obligation to not just acknowledge but work affirmatively to address the racial inequities and systemic racism that we know exist in our criminal justice system, in our election processes, and in other institutions of power. I have long supported efforts to empower communities of color […] launched efforts to make our criminal justice system more just, fair, and equal by addressing implicit bias in law enforcement. […] combat the rise in hate crimes and white supremacist violence that is plaguing our Commonwealth and our country.


To be fair to you, that is a very common perception. We often hear news stories about a drug whose cost has skyrocketed. But when was the last time you read about the ludicrous salaries paid to administrators in healthcare provider systems? Or the effect of hospital consolidations on pricing? Or how much Doctors (specialists) make in the US?

Drug prices are a sexier story, and much easier to summarize. So those are the bits that make the news.


He worked very hard not to use the actual word didn’t he? What he did back then was racist, and if he is not racist today, not trying to excuse it, he should have no problem pointing out that that behavior is racist.


And much more quantifiable. It is impossible to deny when shitheels like Shkrelli or the epi pen, or the whatever other drug they raised 3900% up thread was, that this is pure avarice and greed. Taking advantage of the fatal flaw that exists in non elastic demand based markets. It is impossible to say those prices are legitimate, it is easy to describe and show just how broken that is.

Just as it is easy to say that when you go to a hospital in network, but the anesthesiologist in the hospital is out of network? It’s easy to intuitively grasp this is bullshit.

But price abstractions, master list discrepancies, non transparent cost structures with lots of tack on costs, consolidation, the focus on raising prices through implementing amenities that are non critical (such as driving everything to private rooms so they can jack up costs), are all much harder. They require nuance and a level of understanding beyond the average person.

So drug prices are a good emblematic issue. It’s easy to show how broken they are. Much harder some of the other factors.

And that’s the real issue. Here we have no one magic bullet. There is a bunch of overlapping factors. It is a varied problem. We may only eek a few hundred per person on each level, but they add up. It requires a comprehensive approach though.


I dunno, I think the meaning is pretty clear. But he is a politician after all. He knows that if he says, “I was a racist but now I have changed” then he will soon see a headline “Attorney General is racist by his own admission!”


This one of the reasons Republicans hate the Democrats so much. We spend a page and a half dancing around the topic instead of just saying it. He’s a politician in the age of Twitter and one party that speaks in sound bites. What’s happening right now… it’s not working. That means you change it up or just keep getting the same results.


I think there is a magic bullet. Make Medicare an all-devouring monster by adding a low-cost buy in option, thus attracting tens of millions of new customers. Then direct them to negotiate prices on everything. That kind of bargaining power could leave a real mark.

(There are serious problems with this approach, but that’s true with any approach)


Of all the reasons why Republicans hate Democrats, I doubt wordiness is even in the top 20.

(The first five reasons are guns BTW).


Abortion, guns and ‘cultural conservatism.’


You’ve never heard the saying “telling it like it is?”.

Herring probably lost half his audience after the first two sentences.

They think the way Trump speaks is great. They hated the way Obama, Hillary, Abrams, just go down the list… they’re wordy, elitist and talk down to me, and they’re liars. That’s really what they think.


I went looking for a good Al Haig meme, and found this, which is way better:


Do they actually couch it in euphemisms like this any more? Or is that just for the Andrew Sullivans and David Frums of the world to wring their hands about while the rest of the country just owns up to the fact that the third pole of the GOP tent is the full spectrum from garden-variety passive racism to full-on white nationalism?


the other thing is that this is going to filter down. It won’t be just politicians and celebrities.

Anything you have every done can and will be used against you…

…welcome to the 21st Century.