Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


Let he or she who has not worn blackface or raped someone or committed treason cast the first stone which is, of course, most of us.


Seems like maybe it isn’t most of the people in Virginia in the 80’s.


OK, I’ll admit that when I was a little kid I wanted to dress up one Halloween as Adolf Hitler. Because scary!

Parents talked me out of it, though. I went as the Devil instead. In literal redface.


Well only if exclude everyone else.

Somewhere around 30 percent of Virginia isn’t even white, even in the 80s. If you can find about 20% of people who weren’t parading around in blackface, then most doesn’t even describe Virginia. No matter how you slice this pie, this was not the majority.



Dingell after Charlottesville:

God bless him.


This is my favorite 👉


That’s awesome.

Dingell was a complete throwback to the Roosevelt-ian Democrats, back before the Carter-era and post-Carter era…back to a time when Democrats dreamed big and moved more incautiously. It’s a spirit that the party finally seems to be recapturing, and Dingell loved seeing it happen.


I yield the balance of my time to the congresswoman.


Really effective in illustrating our insanely moronic campaign finance laws.


She would make a better Captain Marvel than Alison Brie.


What does Alison Brie have to do with Captain Marvel?


We need to stay focused in AOC. Stop trying to derail.


He means Gillian Jacobs.


Pretty sure he meant Ian Dury


Shouldn’t Age of Conan discussions be in the Games forum?


Heretic. It’s obvious that we are talking about Age of Conquerors. .


All I know is she makes some pretty solid monitors.


I like how she says “awesome”