Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


If you’re scoring at home:

Northam: no change. People want him to step down, he’s resisting.

Fairfax: He’s looking more and more like toast. Dr. Tyson’s allegations against him appear very credible, and the NYT has people on record who Tyson told a few years ago that she was sexually assaulted by Fairfax, before any of this came to light. I don’t think he survives this, and shouldn’t. His career is done.

Herring: gets a kind of forgiveness and understanding from Virginia’s black caucus in the assembly, although it is obviously very strained. Still, he probably survives for now to fill out Northam’s term if needed.


His opening remarks kind of killed him. Had he started with a good apology he probably would survive this.


Yep, a good apology, followed by NOT recanting his apology. Though the KKK costume likely would have ended him anyways. Or at least it should.


I think a moonwalk video is his only way out of this, now.


I’m going with Micheal Jackson, returning from the dead and praising Northam’s Moonwalking performance as being one of the best tributes acts and not being offended at all . Other than that I think he is toast.


And that should do it…


Yep, looks like Fairfax needs to go immediately. What happens then - doe sthe governor appoint a new Lieutenant Governor to replace him? Could replace somehow with no blackface or rape ties, then Northam could resign like he should.


Dingell apparently dictated these remarks to his wife on the day that he passed.


AP breaking news: Northram telling staff he’s not resigning.



How does he expect to govern? He certainly isnt going to be re elected. Nobody wants him there. Whats he planning on doing the next four years before he gets kicked out? he has zero support from anyone.


He can’t be re-elected anyway due to term limit laws in the Commonwealth, and he was kind of a dead-ender as it was–no way he was going for higher political office, so VA-Gov was probably Northam’s thing, and then retirement or a return to his medical practice.

That’s why for him, this is a pretty low risk move. Kind of sucks for Virginia Democrats though.


Thanks I didnt know. So his plan is to just sit there and draw a salary for four years. Great, just great.


Presidential material in this day and age.


Yup. Although publicly humiliating yourself and becoming unemployable for the rest of your life all for a measly $175K for 4 years seems like a bad deal to me. Thats hardly “set for life” money.


I’m sure he can get speaking fees from various… organizations.


Good point. I wonder if he will dress up when he does? :)


When in Rome…


What do you think he was planning to do, that he can’t do anymore? Specifically?

Governors have power. Even if nobody likes them.


Well previously I assumed he would be implementing the Democratic agenda. Now? He isnt a Democrat any more (by that I mean his own party does not want him). So what does he think he is going to do? Just caucus with his racist allies in the Republican party?