Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


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Dems in disarray! :)


She pissed him off. Good for her.


That’s fun and all but with Trump and McConnell ceding all power to the Dems in the House (Pelosi and Schumer met with the president today- McConnell said he wasn’t even aware there was a meeting), the Democrats shouldnspend the next two years governing the shit out of things. By which I mean, they can’t get anything actually passed with Trump and the Senate Republicans but they should send them a never endings flood of popular, common sense legislation and Trumpet the shit out of each and every bill they send to die in the Senate. Highlight the absurdity of the Republicans refusal to do their jobs, set the legislative agenda and then reap the rewards come 2020


Absolutely. This needs to be their focus, not endless hearings about TrumpCrimes. Show people that government can work for the good of the people, as long as it doesn’t include Republicans.


Remember how ugly the Senate electoral picture was for the Democrats in 2018? How even though they got so much more support nationwide, they lost seats in the senate because they had so many more to defend?

That same type of thing is what the GOP is looking at in 2020. You’ve got two GOP Senators who have already said they’re just straight up retiring rather than seek reelection.

The GOP has no cards here… despite having control of the Presidency and the Senate. And it’s largely because Trump took all their cards and set them on fire. The GOP had a plan, and Trump boned it after people like Ann Coulter told him he was a pussy.

The GOP in the Senate are gonna revolt. This kind of thing is going to make a bad 2020 worse.

Not getting a wall is bad for Trump… but we are quickly approaching the point where no one’s gonna give a shit about Trump, because they are gonna need to deal with their own shit.


See the David Roberts tweet upthread.


And all of this being true. Insult him too. Piss him off. Piss off his ignorant followers. Fuck them.


I would like at least a few hearings about TrumpCrimes. Walking and chewing gum, etc.


Please don’t. Demographics matter.




I mean she’s practically a kid and not from some super-rich family, so it’s not like you’re going to find out shitty things she did decades ago.

The bigger threat really is her being corrupted by Washington, but she seems to be pretty well rooted in reality.

I don’t agree with her on a whole lot, but she seems genuine.


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I guess someone has to hold down the right wing of the party.



I think a lot of Trump supporters don’t understand, and think that she’s proposing a 70% tax rate on everyone.

Frankly, I don’t see anything that bad with putting in a very high tax rate like that, if you set the bracket for it way high. Like, over 5 million or something, because at that point, you got so much money, whatever.


Her proposal is for marginal over 10 million, I believe.