Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


It is.


TEN million?
I mean, if you are pulling in more than 10 million, ever year? Dude, you got plenty of money. You have enough money to do literally anything you want.

That kind of thing couldn’t possibly effect that many people.


In any event, you’d sorta hope Steve Scalise would either:

  1. Know how marginal, graduated tax rates work, and
  2. Not lie about it.


This is accurate. I mean if you are an NFL starter or CEO that probably doesn’t make you happy.

But you know what? The reason for that increase would set up the nation for the future, and invest that money in developing new tech and infrastructure. And with the wealth bifurcation this is a nessecary thing to deal with both issues.

If you wanted to argue a different number? Certainly. But when we had a top marginal rate of nearly 90% back in Eisenhower’s day the economy didn’t exactly collapse.


Not necessarily true. Sonia is a 29-yr old single mother of three, with an annual income of $17,500,000. This tax will devastate her dreams of owning that $40M yacht she’s had an eye on. The kids will be heartbroken if this tax proposal ever sees the light of day.

Dan and Michelle are a retired couple in their late 20s, living off investment income of just under $28M per year. This tax proposal could wreck their dreams and force them to revise their plans to have children soon, if they need to return to the workforce.


What are you, some sort of communist?


We’ve already established what he is, now we’re just haggling over the price! (Sorry!)


Not to mention, the live with two roommates in The Metropolitan Museum of Art and their share of the cable and internet bill comes to $30



So does that mean that we are finally reclaiming the word liberal from the pejorative use the right has used it as for the past two decades?


No, it just means more and more reasonable people are suddenly turning to extremism to settle their scores.


I think Benny’s right. Liberal does not have the same negative connotation that it once did.


Depends where you are, I guess. Some days it seems like its near the same level as pedophile in my part of the country.



That’s how I feel about evangelical.


I remember a few years ago there was an interview on NPR, I think, with a couple of guys who did VO for political ads. One guy jokingly said that he was often hired by Republican campaigns because of the drippingly contemptuous way he could draw out the word “liberal.”


That’s because it’s come to mean “rational” these days.


Just a little anecdote to share.

Yesterday was Election Day in my precinct… again. That’s because my rep to the Virginia State senate (Jennifer Wexton) is now my congresswoman, so we had to have a special election to fill her state senate seat.

We (the Democrats) won… by electing a currently-sitting rep to the Virginia house of delegates. That means that this Saturday we’ll have a primary to choose the candidate for that (now open) seat and have yet ANOTHER special election. Ugh.

Anyway. I was up at 0430 to have the Dem booth set up in front of the polling place at 0530. Not much to do – anyone showing up to vote in a special election already knows who they are pulling the lever for and both candidates had an “R” or a “D” next to their name, so it’s not like we needed to hand out sample ballots. We were pretty much there to sign up volunteers and get people to sign the nomination petitions for the 2019 elections in November (double-ugh).


Trump was right–you have gotten tired of all this winning!


I admit, I was dubious about AOC. I thought that her joining Bernie Sanders in trying to submarine Sharice Davids in a Democratic primary was an obviously avoidable blunder, and I thought the hype surrounding her upset of Joe Crowley far exceeded the actual political accomplishment.

But then, for reasons we will get to in a minute, the entire conservative movement decided to make her a national brand, and it did its job splendidly well, and then she did the rest. Did they actually think that a collection of aging gray-boys was going to out-heckle a former NYC bartender? Did they think they were going to beat someone of her age and obvious savvy on social media? (Didn’t getting whipped like rented mules by the Parkland survivors teach them anything about that?) She literally danced in their faces, and then she danced in their faces again. And people loved it in ways the gray-boys will never understand.