Dems 2019: Dem Hard With A Vengeance


They’re already on it.


I mean, it’s the NY Post, so they were probably sharing notes with Fox already.


It obviously was a mirage, at least the “hope” part, as the past decade has shown. I like Obama (except the drone bit) but his 2004 keynote looks absurdly Pollyanna-esque in light of what came after.


I was right there with him, though. While I disagreed pretty strongly with a lot of GOP positions (especially the recent gay-hating Karl Rove agenda), I still thought there were enough Republicans around who were interested in governing to compromise with and get things done.

It was the ACA that really opened my eyes. Here the Democrats had control of every branch of government, yet the starting position shared a lot with GOP healthcare reform ideas in the 90’s. And despite starting out from a centrist position, the GOP just stonewalled and demonized.

I will never forgive the Republican party for the obstruction between 2008-2016, the refusal to advise and consent on a Supreme Court nominee, and throwing the Republic under the bus because the president has a “R” in front of his name.


Of course there is no legitimate reason. It’s just the GOP wanting to block minorities from voting, as usual.


This was pretty heinous.



Omar may find herself further out on that limb talking trash about Obama.


Yeah… if she had ambitions to go any farther in the Democratic party, trashing Obama ends them.


So this is real? Right now I just see the story coming out of conservative, GOP propaganda outlets.


I mean, Fox News will put a lot of spin on things and pick and choose their coverage, but they aren’t in the business of just completely fabricating things.


I am going to have to disagree with you on that one.



This is going places.


And he is gone. Nice job Moderators! I appreciate it.


That was a returner.

@delirium i saw you were replying. Please don’t let that dissuade you.


Lol looks like I missed something


She taped her interview, says it was distorted.


I don’t care enough to be bothered to listen to the interview and read the back in forth.

But I trust Nate Silver to be objective.


The audio is less than 2 minutes long.

She says the polished piece but there is nothing in there about a pretty face or hope and change being in an illusion. So it’s like partially accurate.