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So I was perusing the old threads centered mostly on the Sonicare Elite and saw that there were a couple of dissenting opinions about the Oral-B Triumph.

So now that everybody’s had another 6 months to think about it, how does the Sonicare compare to the Oral-B? Does anybody actually use their precision-cleaning brush head or does everybody just use the general purpose one? If you only use the one, is there anything else about the 9500 model Elite that makes it preferable to the 7500 model Elite?

What about the powered flossing things like the Oral-B Hummingbird? Previous thread seemed to indicate it wasn’t all that great, but there was only a person or two who used it. Follow-up opinions?


Edit: Oh yeah. I forgot my other question. Any chance of a child using one of these serious electric toothbrushes? Are they too big? Scary? Do your kids use them? How old are they?

you anti dentite bastard

I’m bummed nobody gives a shit about my toothbrush thread. Some of us have buying decisions to make.

I’ve used both the Sonicare and Oral-B and strongly prefer the Oral-B. The hummingbird thingy sucks much ass and isn’t worth buying.

Not sure about kids…how old? My 4yo nanny kid asked me if I was trying to hurt my teeth when he saw me using the Oral-B. He and the 3yo both have battery operated kiddie versions that are a lot less intense and have smaller brush heads.

I floss by hand because otherwise I’m afraid some machine will saw through my gums or something.


I’ve been happy with my Sonicare. As such, I’ve never bothered trying the Oral-B brush.

Props on this thread though.

I brush my teeth every evening with those power sprayers at the car wash. A bit messy though…

My Sonicare broke and I’m still bitter about it. Thanks for reminding me, dick.

“Plaque is a figment of the liberal media and the dental industry to scare you into buying useless appliances and pastes. Now, I’ve read the arguments on both sides, and I haven’t found any evidence yet to support the need to brush your teeth. Ever.”

Damn n00b, I was going to say that!

Sonicare FTW.

And the Hummingbird is great if you’re too lazy to, y’know, actually floss. It will give you the warm-fuzzies so that you can tell yourself you’re actually caring for your gums, 'cuz it’s easy to use. But nothing replaces pulling a piece of unwaxed string through your chompers.

Does anyone else get major headaches after using electric toothbrushes for a few days? I’ve tried several times and several different brands, but always after 2-3 days, I start getting really nasty headaches. Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re going to let your kids use one, you might be on the lookout for headache complaints.

I had a SonicCare toothbrush from 2001 till about last year, when the battery died. I replaced it with a cheapo Crest Spinbrush Pro ($7) + rechargable batteries ($8) because I didn’t want to spend all that money again for a new SonicCare.

BTW, ConsumerReports did something on these a while ago and found that time brushing ~2 min + flossing gets best results, not using some fancy toothbrush. Thier ratings are below:

Quick Ratings Electric toothbrushes

Product/Price/Extra head Price

MOST EFFECTIVE Comparable to nonelectric brushes; removed more than 80% of plaque
Sonicare Elite 7500/$140/$12.50

EFFECTIVE Removed about 75% of plaque

Colgate Actibrush/$10/$3.50

Crest SpinBrush PRO/$7/$3.00

LEAST EFFECTIVE Removed about 65% of plaque

Oral-B CrossAction Power/$7/$3.50

Also, for kid flossing, you can find those “Dinoflossers” or whatever they’re called at Target real cheap. My kids love using them as they’re much easier than using string floss. The hygenists at our Dentist recommended them.

Alright, bitches, I just bought the Oral-B ProfessionalCare 7850 DLX.

I’ll post some impressions in a few days. Unfortunately, though, I have no Sonicare to compare it to.

Well, how did it go?

All his teeth fell out.

Oh yeah. I forgot.

I would say that I like it. I was kind of hoping for the life-altering experience that I have heard some describe, but that’s not what I got. I definitely think my teeth are cleaner than they used to be, but I am pretty sure that’s a result of the 2 minute brushing time more than anything else. I haven’t been to the dentist since I got it, so there’s no data point there.

The model that I bought comes with the base, 2 handles, and 4 brush attachments – 2 standard, 1 polishing, and 1 sort of pointed one that I’m not sure what it’s really for.

I think that I would have been better off getting the lower model that came with 1 handle, 2 brush attachments and only 1 speed instead of 2 (I always use the higher speed, so it doesn’t really matter).

Do I think it was worth the investment? Probably, but when I eventually get around to buying another toothbrush, I’ll probably try a Sonicare. I have no reason to think it will be better, but this one isn’t so amazing that I wouldn’t try a competitor.

Anyone who read my dentist thread will be pleased to know I’ve bought an oral-b tooth brush thingy to prevent further stories of pain and horror! Ahhh, sweet sweet closure.

I had an emergency root-canal this week along with a full four-quadrant root-planing (deep-cleaning). Fuck does that ever convince you to take better care of your teeth.

Sonicare here, btw. I never really got the hang of flossing so am still looking for a good “next best” alternative.