Denuvo DRM - It works, and you're going to get more of it


Yeah I take that back. It’s not the world that changed. I’m an adult now with tons of money and zero time, so DRM doesn’t reach my radar.



Is this the thread where we spend a lot of time and words expressing how indifferent we are about DRM? :-)



We talk about time bombs too! :(

I’m actually not indifferent towards DRM as a whole, but I am indifferent to Denuvo because it hasn’t negatively impacted me in any way.



I should just mute the thread. Not like there’s a lot of news.



It is, though, because it’s an unnecessary and obvious point of failure. No predicting the future required. Furthermore, generally people don’t get upset about third party patches that fix compatibility issues in older games, but hacking out DRM, even if it’s just to get the game running at all, is still illegal.

To me, the point isn’t whether you, personally, will want to play the game in the future (though it certainly doesn’t hurt to enable that in case you would), but whether it will be available to future generations who want to experience the history of the medium. As you say, there are obstacles to preservation efforts already just from the nature of shifting technology. There’s no call to sabotage it deliberately.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a specific problem with Denuvo over any other DRM - it’s not something I’ve personally had issues with. And I’ve long since stopped making purchasing decisions over DRM as it’s become clear all that accomplishes is sabotaging my own access to fun games - there simply isn’t enough popular momentum for publishers to take notice and actually stop using DRM. But I’ll never be happy about its use, or believe that it accomplishes anything productive. And I strongly disagree that it’s ever consumer friendly. It’s not for us. At best, it’s for the publishers and developers’ bottom line. In reality, it’s mostly for the DRM company’s bottom line.



Interesting. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden got it’s Denuvo anti-tampering removed via official patch.

Looks like the publisher/developer removed this via the latest patch recently. I guess they were happy with it doing it’s job long enough to keep early adopters from stealing it?



Hard to tell, their comments on the forums w.r.t. Denuvo usage was pretty dismissive of anyone who were against it, so can not really trust them to not include it in a more updated patch.



Always nice when stuff like this happens.

Edit: apparently Anthem uses Denuvo for their anti-debugging code… wonder if that is the cause of some performance issues also. i.e. slow as fuck loading times.



Denuvo really does make a dramatic performance hit. This makes me really angry that some of the performance issues I’ve had is the damn copy protection. Especially hitching and the sudden stutters… it was Denuvo.



I’m not sure I’m gonna accept the word of an internet rando on youtube as being definitive proof here.



I’ve seen his testing for years. It’s extremely thorough and has always appeared to be fair. While I don’t care so much about load times, I do care about the frame time issues.



Title of the thread is funny, as in the last months it’s being cracked on 2-3 days.



And this shouldn’t be surprising. You can’t decrypt and contact a website regularly without impact. They just try to delay it, making the framerate impact rare.



What if you’re offline?



Just curious, as I know you’ve been playing a lot of Anno 1800. Notice any issues, or has Denuvo pretty much gone unnoticed?



My performance (i7, 1080Ti, 16GB RAM) has been pretty sluggish in Anno 1800. Is that Denuvo’s fault, or just poor optimization? Hard to say.



With similar(or exact depending on the i7 gen) hardware I am getting between 40-50 FPS with max details on every setting on 2560x1440 resolution.



That’s what I’m getting, sometimes it drops to 27 and sometimes it flies up into the 70s, it’s all over the place. Same resolution. Ultra High settings (but I went 2x AA instead of the default 8x).

EDIT - I see, I said “pretty sluggish” but I should say, sometimes it seems to chug a bit and even though it’s never hitching or causing any real problems (some of which thanks to g-sync) it still isn’t smooth 60fps all the time, and I feel like it should be, unless there are either optimization issues or Denuvo causing trouble, or a combination.



Are you playing via Steam? Because there is a bug with Steam online mode and Anno 1800. Causing low FPS and screen stuttering. Patch for that on 4/25/19.



No, Uplay.