Denzel Washington is THE EQUALIZER

No word on whether or not Stewart Copeland will provide a theme song.

— Alan

Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut? You mean the 80s TV Equalizer?


I still love the intro to the old show, sad I was too young to probably understand what the hell most of the episodes were about.

Oooh - I used to watch reruns of this show instead of studying for exams
Now Denzel’s good and everything, but I have small hopes on a stand-alone movie being any good

Denzel is good. But he’s no Edward Woodward.

I LOVED the Equalizer. Denzel does Denzel things for the entire time but it’s an excellent action movie. The movie even earns it’s R18 rating here in NZ.

Ohhhh, nice.

I regularly listen to that 80s theme song on youtube. It’s just that good.

As do I.

Does the original theme make a comeback in the new movie? If it does, I’d actually be tempted to go see the movie on IMAX, since it’s not in 3D. It’s so rare to see IMAX movies without the dreaded 3D, I almost want to reward it just for that.

Stewart Copeland’s soundtrack album for the TV show is one of my favourite OSTs ever, definitely worth tracking down if you like the theme music.

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This movie is an unapologetic throwback to a distinctly American subgenre of action / revenge pr0n. Watching it was like gorging on an entire package of Pringles: super-bad for me and I know I’ll hate myself for it the rest of the week; but dear God I enjoyed it going down.

It’s got every bad cliche or trope you can think of for this breed of post-noir: the Stoic Badass Anti-Hero with a Mysterious & Tortured Past; the gradual escalation of gratuitous (and occasionally inventive) violence until the protagonist basically unlocks God Mode; the slow-motion shots involving explosions and/or falling water; women as victims / eye candy / McGuffins / Anything But People (except Melissa Leo, because even in a tiny cameo, Melissa Leo don’t take shit from no one); and probably a few more I’m forgetting to mention. It’s almost embarrassingly predictable to watch and it’s exactly the sort of cinematic junk food I should’ve outgrown ages ago, yet still occasionally crave, like a diabetic who doesn’t quite know how to kick his Ho-Ho addiction.

Basically it’s a movie which coasts on Denzel’s charisma and Fuqua’s shallow-yet-stylish sense of noir…and that was just good enough for me.

It feels like it’s meant to kickstart a franchise reboot, but by the end of the film there’s a real question of who’s left to challenge McCall. I expect “The Equalizer 2” to be exactly 30 seconds long.

Putin: Who are you? How did you get in here?!
McCall: Think it might be best if you let Ukraine go, Vlad.
Putin: Fuck you, American! Ukraine is mine! Putin doesn’t give a shit!
McCall: Is that so.
[McCall and Putin lock gazes for exactly 16 inexorable seconds, until - POP! - Putin’s head explodes. McCall walks out into the rain. Guitars wail.]

Taken-Equalizer crosser movie. Go.

Yeah, clearly Denzel and Liam Neesons need to star in a Grumpy Old Men reboot.

I would watch the everloving crap out of that.

Can we get them to play co-leads in The Raid 3?

No please. One of the main things that makes The Raid and other martial arts movies exhilarating is that you’re watching people perform those moves. Casting geriatrics you have to cut around makes as much sense as putting them in a dance movie.

That’s especially true of the Raid movies. They weren’t perfect, but the cast’s enthusiasm really shined through. They love martial arts movies and it showed.

“He didn’t come to ask for help, he came to ask permission.”

I liked this a lot tonight. I did mentally predict the field trip at the end.

Only disappointment was that it should have ended with the TV theme over the credits rather than a completely out of place rap “song”. WTF were they thinking???

What a POS. So many idiots are being paid to do a job and they haven’t the faintest idea how.

About the only thing this movie had to do with The Equalizer was the name Robert McCall and the advert at the end. Outside of that it played out like a cast off Taken script the Neeson rejected as too boring. They may have salvaged some semblance of the original Equalizer coolness, if they had used the tv theme music at the end when they showed McCall running his trademark advert but they even missed the boat on that. It wasnt a completely horrible movie in itself but calling it The Equalizer was a disservice to Edward Woodward and everyone else who worked on the excellent TV series.