Depression, Terminal Illness and Letting Go

I’m so happy to hear your having some good days! I relish those days too! :)

My mother is in an “assisted living space”. Let’s call it what it is. A place that old people go to die. I did not put her there. My brother, who is a total scumbag, along with his witch, I mean wife, did it without my permission. As soon as he got her there we got her dog. Now he has power of attorney. Which he did in a seriously nefarious way. Since she’s been there her mind has been going bad. I’m as about as depressed as I can be. Only gaming stops me from being a total wreck. What a fucking awful life.

Shit, I’m sorry Rich, that sucks. Is there anything you can do?

Rich so sorry. I can’t even imagine. People can be so selfish and horrible, and it’s jaw dropping when they’re family to boot. Is she nearby so you can visit? I’m afraid your answer is going to be she’s out of state making it too difficult. I don’t know what kind of shape she’s in but maybe sometime you can visit with a picnic to sit outside together. Something to break her monotony. Keep gaming my friend.

I don’t know how power of attorney works. Can it be switched to you if you can convince her it’s in her best interest? I hope you can find a solution you are happy with. Best wishes.

I spent the day with my mom today. We even brought her dog there. She seems a lot better.Like her old self. I asked her for her meatball recipe. She said that I know that and I will figure it out. We had a great day. So I made the meatballs and I’ll be bringing her some.

Meanwhile we had spent some time with an elder care lawyer. Previous to the putting her in a home. The basic problem is that she’s not considered compos mentis. Thus there is no way to change the rules. The plus side is that she’s doing better. We brought the dog with us. She loved seeing him and he was all over her. Not the end of the world.

Thank you all for your kind words. Yall my serious peeps.

On the down side, it seems that we have to rehome Beaker. I love my Beaky, but he’s gotten real bad with screaming and biting. It just happens sometime. The place we’re bringing him to is a great place. Of course this just adds to my depression. I love my Beaker so very much. I will miss him so badly. It never rains but it pours, right?

Hello again, friends. Just wanted to let you know that I am doing pretty well these days. I’ve been focusing a lot on miniatures and modelling, and have pretty much stopped playing video games. I bought Endless Space II and have Civ 6 on preorder, and plan to play these casually. I enjoy the zen of painting my minis and meeting people at my local games store. I strangely have formed a lot of bonds that I couldn’t in the illness groups. I just want to let you know that if you’re suffering out there, it will get better. Even a little bit of light can make a difference. I am still suffering from some heavy duty depression, but I’ve found an outlet. Please PM me if you need to talk, or post here. Our community is a wonderful one.

@axisandallies, that makes my day! I’m sooo happy you’re feeling better about things now.

I remember painting miniatures when I was in high school. All my model-airplane-building practice really paid off. Loved doing shading with dirty paint thinner. :)


  1. Hooray! Glad to hear it!

  2. Get thee into this thread: QT3 hobby desk thread and post some pics of what you’re doing.

We got a huge clock today. It has both my mother’s and my father’s ashes in it. Not my choice, mom’s actually. Glad to have it. Not sure where to put it though.

That’s interesting. I’ve never heard of ashes stored in a clock before. That certainly provokes a lot of different thoughts about the nature of life and death and time.

So when you say huge, just how big? Like a grandfather clock?

This forum needs a like button!

Actually, no it doesn’t, because it’s more important that I actually say how thrilled I am to hear that, Mr. Allies. It’s especially cool that you’ve found an outlet that helps. Life can really suck sometimes. It’s important that we find things to do that make us happy.


Yeah, so stoked you are doing well. Now get over to the hobby thread linked above and show us what you have been painting! :)

Glad to hear things are better for you! I’m just now coming out of a long, dark time in my life like it sounds like you were going through. Finding a new passion to busy myself with helps a lot. Keep at it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in decades of going up and down on this roller coaster in my head, it’s that things will get better sooner or later if you just keep at it.

So happy to hear this update!

BTW last time I tried to paint miniatures it looked like a drunk monkey was unleashed with finger paints. I am really jealous and in awe of people who can do that. I wish I had the slightest shred of artistic talent lol.

I have nothing to add except that to state my happiness to hear some good news such as this. Every where you read on the internet are bad news, so this is truly a welcome on, @axisandallies and I applaud your strength and courage!

Glad to read the update, axis, and as someone who’s really come to rely on the relationships he’s built in a local tabletop social group, I totally hear ya on that front. There are some wonderful people out there, and they can absolutely help.

I’m really glad you’re doing well. Painting miniatures is one of those activities that in theory I really like, but in practice I have done very little. The little I have done though I really enjoyed. But I feel as though my eyesight is not good enough to let me do a good job and I’m somewhat hesitant to spend more time trying it because I don’t want to get frustrated.

But who cares about me! I’m glad you have made some friendships and have gotten through your rough patch. That really is great news