I already decided I don’t need a special suitcase, so I’ll just get the version that has five discs. But which high-definition format?!?!? Help plz (also, I am new at this polling business).

Pfft … easy answer. Get both and tell us which is the best! Please?

(I want the suitcase but it’s wayyyyy too much money)

I’m importing the PAL Region 2 5 DVD set from the UK. It’s mostly because I don’t want the awful, cheesy, doubles-the-damn-price briefcase package that the US 5 DVD version is forced into. As bonus factors, PAL is higher resolution, and I can re-edit standard DVDs, unlike their HD counterparts.

I’m just getting the European 2-disc Blu-Ray edition of the Final Cut. I thought about importing the American 5-disc edition since it’s about the same price but it takes up more space and I honestly don’t expect to ever watch any of the other discs.

I’m thinking of ubergeeking out on this one and getting the briefcase Blu-Ray version. As to which HD format you get it in… if you can play both, does it matter? Or do you not have an HD player yet?

I’ve goth both HD players and am getting the non-suitcased 5-disc version in HD-DVD, only because I had an HD-DVD first, though.

I saw the final cut version in the theater and it is by far my favorite. Fixes what was wrong with the first theatrical release, curbs the excesses of the directors cut, and updates many of the bad technical/continuity issues that are present in both.