Derek Smart did what?!?!

Sell out to the Man?

No I didn’t, but of course given that this is me we’re talking about, the jury is out and I’ve already got a few emails.

Anyway, before the PR goes out, I wanted you ladies to be the second (my fans were, of course, the first) to know that I’ve signed a multi-title publishing deal, effective yesterday. No, I’m not saying who it is. Wait for their press release. :D

For more info, go here and there’s a poll going on here

Ummm…Derek, you are a game developer, right? So that means that you need a publisher, right? Of course, you COULD keep footing the bill yourself, but that’s idiotic if someone is willing to do it for you. Having a publisher allows you to concentrate on the games and not worry as much about going broke trying to get them out there. Why would anyone say that you are selling out? Do people expect you to keep being independent when that has brought nothing but hardship? or are they thinking about publishers squashing your ambition when they say this? If you have a multi-title deal going, I say congrats to you.

So, congrats!

Yeah, congratulations, Derek. I look forward to see what you come up with. :D

Cool! Congrats!

Is it alright to post this as news, or would you prefer to let PCGamer steal from the forums first again? :D

And here I thought Derek was the only one honest and true enough to sell his children for his art before accepting being bought like a two-dollar prostitute, like all true artists apparently do.

You sell-out!

I kid, I kid. Congrats Derek.

And if I buy it, I will be a sell out, too.

Tool has a song about this. If only I knew the words, but basically it says in order to make it in this world and get done what you enjoy doing you have to make deals and we are all fucking sellouts. No matter how much you want to stick with your independence and ideals, sharing your work with a broader audience is a good thing and if you have to sign up with evil corporate America to do it, the good will outweigh the bad. Or something.

So, as Tool says, anyone who calls you a sell out, you should not hesitate to give them a hearty, “Fuck you!” and I am sure you wouldn’t. :wink:

Thanks Rob.

But you know how this industy is. Everyone has an opinion. The fact is, I did BCM on my own. And while it made back its costs and still left me with money to move forward with BCG and other properties, I learned a harsh lesson about dealing with retailers, running a business in general and how important it is to let someone else be the spearhead in their areas of expertise.

I had like four deals on the table and it was only at the very last minute that I rejected and tossed all of them, took a risk and started from scratch with new negotiations with this company. And one person here was very instrumental in that risk taking excercise (I will let him do the honors of identifying himself if he so chooses). It was a huge risk for me because there was no indication in the first few sessions, that the deal would get gone. But funny enough, this person and I had crossed paths several years back and then again in this forum. So, I already knew that I had a trusted ally on the inside and who already knew what they were getting into. I didn’t have to dress up nice for the prom, put on lipstick or any of that crap. They were, after all, signing Derek Smart, Mr anti-establishment himself.

That premise in itself, coupled with the research I did with other of my industry contrats etc, their aggressiveness, commitment, quality of their materials and the general feel of the whole thing, just threw me for a loop. Before I knew it, we were at LOI and we survived enough to get to final run. :D

I had a good experience with Interplay (and I still have trusted friends there), so I suppose you could say that I was out looking for a similar group of folks to work with (given that Interplay couldn’t afford to do BCM etc etc) over these past three years and I didn’t find any. I still feel a lump in my chest when I think about what has happened to Interplay and all things being equal, thats where I would’ve stayed with my franchise. :(

Those who were interested, were only interested in the bottomline figures. To the extent that two of them even suggestion that I terminate BCG and just move on directly to the XBox title because it was more viable. Naturally pissing away over $250K my money and a year of development (BCG went into development when BCM shipped in November last year). Just like that. Of course, I categorically rejected that premise. Even when I suggested that I compromise and do the XBox title first, then continue with BCG for the PC later, they said no. And this was after they’re agreed to unconditionally pick up my titles. So, naturally, I walked.

So, even to this day, there’s a lot of crap going on out there. But in my heart and in my mind, I do believe that I’ve found a good fit as I did when I leaped and signed with Interplay, post-Take Two/Gametek. I have no doubts and I’m certainly going to sleep at night knowing that now, all I have to do is focus on what I do best, development and taking care of my trusted team mates who saw me come this far and with no question, doubts or worries.

Now someone else can go worry about dealing with retailers, marketing and such. :D And the financial support is always a welcome addition to any indie’s coffers. ;)

You might want to wait for the press release which should be going out later today. I just got sent a preview copy. You are in our press database, so once they release it, I will notify the media folks in my DB as well.

Figures. :roll:

Listen, I didn’t sell my company. I never will. The last time I checked, I had IP, trademarks and patents (pending) worth almost $10m. I’m not going to, nor am I planning to sell them. I did a publishing deal because I want to focus on what I do bestgame development. I wanted to self-publish. Like everything else, I said I’d do it and I did it. Quite successfully in fact.

The only difference being that I have money in the bank and didn’t have to go out pan handling. I just can’t get involved in that self-publishing shindig anymore. Let someone else piss around with that. I’m a hardcore developer and resident loudmouth. I’m not a business man. For that, I have someone I pay to do that. Sure, with a publishing deal I make less money, but hey, all of you who know me, know that for me, it never has been and never will be about the money. Its about the game, my dreams and my ideas.

I have everything I ever wanted in life. And my greatest dream was to be a game developer. Almost fourteen years later, I am already that.All I’m doing right now is keeping my dream alive, keeping my teams in work, paying my bills, developing games that a bunch of people who share my ideas want to play and of course, shoring up my daughters college fund. :D

Another creative mind is enslaved by da man! Next, Derek will be falling in line with politically correct phrases and hooking his brain up to the corporate mind-numbing collective.

Another soul has passed into the night.

Just kidding. Congrats, Derek. I’m looking forward to your next BC title (hoping the interface isn’t so scary) and anything else you crank out for da man. Good luck and have fun!

Hooker With a Penis. It ends with “Buy my new record. Send more money. Fuck you, buddy.”

Yeah, I guess that’s fitting for Derek ;)

I’m really hoping that this allows Derek to finally create his secret Masterpiece: Battlecruiser Tycoon.

This will be a sort of autobiographical management sim. Basically, you run an independent development company that makes a really cool hardcore space sim, but wait! There’s more!

Proposed game features:

  1. Manage forum posts. Participate in up to 255 different forums! Adjust temperature of flames and anti-flames.

  2. Create memorable quotes using the SmartQuote system.

  3. Promote yourself and your games relentlessly using the SmartShots screenshot interface.

  4. Research game interface technology improvements like the De-obfuscator and the tutorial system kernel.

  5. Use the SmartLaughs research system to create new more efficient acronyms to indicate extreme jollity. You start with LOL, progress to LMAO, LMFAO, and HS,IARLMFAOH! (Holy shit, I am really laughing my f-ing ass off here!)

  6. Squad based tactical combat system abstracts battles between you and the evil publishers. Use weapons such as “lawsuit threat,” “coke machine,” and “press release.”

Anyway, best wishes on your new venture Derek! You are definitely using your powers for awesome.


Thanks Cathcart. Can I call you Cathy?

Those lyrics I remembered, actually. I wanted the whole verse where he meets the guy who calls him a sellout and flips him off. Then Maynard says by buying any of my records or a ticket to the show your already a fucking sellout, too, so you can point that fucking finger up your ass! Isn’t Tool great. :)

EDIT: SpoofyChop, great idea. Derek should run with that.

I keep waiting for someone to imply that this publishing deal was for a book of screenshots. Maybe it was too obvious…

That’s what I get for forgetting a :roll: or something similar, which would make clear that I was being ironic, or something.

Congrats Derek. Hopefully BC translates well to the Xbox. As a side note, do you think anyone would call you a sell out if you had made the same sort of deal with Sony or Nintendo?


Those lyrics I remembered, actually. I wanted the whole verse where he meets the guy who calls him a sellout and flips him off.

Knock yourself out.

Isn’t Tool great. :)


LMAO!! How dare you reveal my intentions without permission!! :D


GCE is not a Battlecruiser title. Anyone thinking that I’d be crazy enough to attempt something of that scope on the XBox - or any console for that matter - is far crazier than I am. For a quick info on GCE, go here. Don’t expect much because as I’ve been keeping that one under wraps and will continue to do so until sometime in the second half of next year.

As for the sell out part. Pah! You should know me better than that by now. Who cares what they think? Its not like MS or anyone paid me to do anything. These decisions - as always - are mine to make. I just need new challenges and less risks. It must be the old age, but I’m much less hazardous to my health and well being as I once was. :lol:

That said, you couldn’t pay me enough to go to any console other than XBox. I’d be insane to even consider it - especially given the fact that, well, I don’t plan on embarking on such a learning curve. Especially when I can just go for the straighter curve (on the XBox) given my PC roots.

Purrrrrfect hook-up on the lyrics, Cathcart. :wink: I take it you prefer that.

Maybe Derek can get a loop of that to play in the background of his new website to promote the games in his new deal. Those lyrics are gold. And again, Tool is the s-h-i-t.

Huh. Who’d of thought you still had both of those organs and both were still intact? Congrats on that, too. :wink: