Derek Smart goes MMOG

Not a news since he talks about this from years but he seems to have more precise plans now.

I really don’t know if and how to comment. I still believe he has in his hands so much potential. All wasted. I don’t see him building something noteworthy without learning from what he did till now. And that’s what he has really proven. He cannot and doesn’t want to learn.

I wish I had even a 5% of his missed opportunities.

Can you imagine how could be a Derek Smart bad MMOG?

Man, the launch difficulties present in every MMOG (except, from what I hear, in COH)…

The D***k S***t MMOG launch difficulties would be legendary, even in Hell. So much so that they would occupy a sublime place in the history of video gaming.


How great would a “Making the Game” type special/series be that followed the final months of development on this?


I’m confused. Don’t we already have a Derek Smart MMOG?

Yeah - Anarchy Online.

It would be interesting to note that his usual “I make MY game! For ME and only ME!!” will probably not work under these circumstances (ie - paying, monthly subscribers).

Not every MMOG has had bad lanuches scharmers- DAoC had a good launch, as well as Planetside from what I remember.

It would be funny if Derek Smart BfD would launch his MMOG without the multiplayer or online features working. But I’m sure he’d address the issue in a patch…after threatening to sue someone…and fighting a Coke machine.

I can see the chat now…

[color=darkred]<hufffan> I can’t shoot anything down! What does this mean, I need to SEC a TL with my IRTACCOM to fire an HSM?[/color]
[color=green]<privatened> How do I launch a shuttle?[/color]
[color=indigo]<suprmcmdr> Huffan, read the manual, you idiotic simpleton. It’s all right there.[/color]
[color=green]<privatened> How do I launch a shuttle?[/color]
<destiny> Hey, cool, I can walk through trees!
[color=darkred]<huffan> I did RTFM. It’s not in there.[/color]
[color=green]<privatened> How do I launch a shuttle?[/color]
[color=red]<badlt> No, there are no storylines or events, CaptKrik. That’s part of the Supreme Commander’s plan! The first totally freeform MMORPG!
[/color][color=indigo]<suprmcmdr> huffan, you moron, not the paper manual. It’s in the online VCF, under section 35.123, Command Mods. It was added in the beta 2.35 RC37 patch. Do you expect me to play the game FOR you?[/color]
[color=green]<privatened> How do I launch a shuttle?[/color]

[size=1](With massive apologies to DKS. :))[/size][color=orange][/color]

DennyA =

It’s sometimes referred to by its old title, “Usenet.”

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Yopu know, I saw a copy of Ultimate Combat (or whateverit’s called) in Best Buy last week. Looking at the box it looked pretty good. If I hadn’t known better, I might have boughti t.

Actually, despite my ragging above, Universal Combat is fun if you enjoy freeform, sandbox-style games.

There’s some real effort involved in learning the interface (Derek revamped it, but it remains inscrutible), but it’s actually a pretty fascinating game if you like exploration and don’t mind building your own backstory. For $20 it’s a great deal.

Basically, if you like freeform games, it’s a solid three-star title. If you want guidance, a rich story, and character interaction, stay away.

Denny, you completely forgot the EMPHASIS.

But that game got awesome…

Try WW2OL or SWG.