Derek Smart's Line Of Defense MMOFPS

I noticed the news about the PC only game announcement on RPS:

The FAQ is here:

The game is purely PvP. Though the game engine and tech support PvE elements, we are focusing on the PvP elements in the first release and will be exploring the PvE aspects post-release.

Both sides fight on planets and in space for the control of various territories. The tide and balance of war are both dynamic, fluent and happen in real-time

Or if you are good at flying, you can be that guy who grabs a transport gunship, blazes into a hot zone behind enemy lines and either extracts or drop launches your team. Nothing screams “I’m gonna live!!” like the sight of a heavy gunship coming in with automated turret guns blazing and leaving carnage and dead bodies everywhere.

Or you can just stay on the station and defend it from within because, trust me, given the ease with which players can move between environments, the station is a hot bed of intense action - and may never ever have to step foot on the planet if you don’t want to.

Or you can just grab a super (can fly on planets and in space) fighter, get into space and engage in space combat alongside your friends as you take on other enemy fighters and stations.

There are several ways that you can play the game.

EDIT: Also, this Flickr photostream has screenshots of the game:[email protected]/with/5395800757/

And RPS promises an interview with Derek Smart later today.

If nothing else, this should be an entertaining project to watch from the sidelines, given Mr Smart’s past performances.


Can’t say that I’m interested in the game but the unavoidable drama and flamewars should be entertaining to follow. And I even kinda like Derek Smart.

But will there be a Fake Space Army we can join in real life?

Even when all bases belong to the other side, the game does not end.

It seems like each side literally has to divide up and play in guard shifts to keep whatever bases they hold secure all day every day otherwise what’s the point.

It sounds too much like work.

It sounds interesting… but also like it needs a massive number of players to sustain it.

That’s one thing that nobody has done well yet imo: Scaling.

Wow, that looks really bad.

He is so modest and self effacing:


What can go wrong?

I miss him being on the boards. The threads were awesome. I wonder if he would be interested in coming back and playing nice…and everyone playing nice with him. He seems like a magnet for people that want to push buttons. Derek does not always react pleasantly to button pushing.

Because nothing livens up an internet discussion like hollow threats.

What? You don’t like being sued on the daily?

Only if it’s in England.

It’s the precise type of game I’d like, although not from a developer I would trust to put out a product that hooks me.

I won’t be holding my breath or following news about it, but I’d be happy to try it once it releases.

Game sounds interesting, but the texture art looks incredibly bland and uninspired.

Why does Mr. Smart want to remake Allegiance (http://

You are waaaay too calm and balanced about this, KevinC.

Derek Smart Game - Massively Multiplayer


From the above linked RPS story:

If you follow the story of Eve, you will understand how and why they went their own way and thus are comfortable with a 300K player subscription game. My games in general, eclipse that number in sales.

Is this true? I had the impression he had a vanishingly small, but crazy-hardcore, fanbase.

Well that probably depends on your definition of the word is.