Derek Strikes Back

But that’s just the same as infinity[/quote]

Except that it lacks the ironic sarcasm.

Wow, it is just like the QT3 forum setup except for the little quotes under the forum sections. You can tell that Derek made them up because they are very, very unfunny.
And of course, the only post there is about Battlecruiser sucking. You are indeed a man of action, Xpav.

I would just like to say that that picture of Derek doing his trademark sneer with the undershirt and necklaces (the one attached to his blog) is teh sexxay. It’s good to know he’s so over QT3 and all that. He seems to have really put it behind him and moved on.

Also, props to XPav for posting something critical of BC3000, prompting Derek to deactivate user registration in its entirety.

Shouldn’t this thread be titled Derek strikes Black?

That has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. :lol:

  • Alan

Maybe the 3 registered users on Derek’s board and the 39 registered users on Levitateme should combine to form a new board called “Quarter Past Eight”.

I like the guy, but Derek Smart’s brain is the real Matrix. Reality gets reprogrammed every day.

I get the feeling that Derek’s going to put up some kind of quiz so that only “desirable registrants” will be able to join. Maybe something like “What do you think of Huffman?”

I just wanted to add that I am a PHD!

Thank you for clearing that up. I always wanted to ask if there was something wrong with his mouth, but didn’t want to be insensitive.

Heh. Hadn’t seen that before. “How does he do it?” “He’s fueled by the souls of the damned!”

Put me down as one who liked his posts, but he made the mistake of confusing his friends with his enemies, just because the friends prefered not to get involved in his battles…

Since we’re voting, put me down for thinking he was an insecure asshole who added very little to this board.

:lol: VERY funny.

Derek’s an interesting guy. In email exchanges I’ve had with him, he can come across as quite intelligent, very driven and motivated, and very likeable. And he admits that he shouldn’t respond to the idiots who follow him around from place to place, merely to attack his every word (now THAT’s sad.) But it seems to be like catnip to him - these guys find him and go after him and he just can’t help jumping in and getting caught up in that emotive whirlpool.

Derek is not sane in the traditional sense of the word. If you can cope with that he’s an OK kind of guy.

I can’t cope with that…

I liked Derek as a poster, but as so many others have said, I wish he could just ignore Huffman and co, and realize that we really don’t care, after a while.

Me too. I have one hanging in my bedroom, next to my Slayer poster.

I think pretty much all phpBB’s have basically the same layout. FWIW QT3 is about as close to default as you can get.

By format, I meant his near-duplication of QT3’s discussion topics, complete with pithy subheadings, not the software used to run the forum.

Wake up, Voltaic :wink: