Derek Strikes Back

Me too. I have one hanging in my bedroom, next to my Slayer poster.[/quote]
It’s the sneer/pout that does it.

Aleph[size=2]0[/size]+ 1 = Aleph[size=2]0[/size]

1 + Aleph[size=2]0[/size] = Aleph[size=2]0[/size]

omega + 1 > omega

1 + omega = omega.

In other words transfinite arithmetic is different for ordinals and cardinals. Furthermore addition is not commutative for transfinite ordinals.

There’s no doubt that when you’re on his good side - pretty much never questioning him or his abilities - than he can be a pretty cool guy.

Get on his bad side - which can happen at the drop of a feather - and he goes off his rocker. It doesn’t take much, and when you’re there, you stay there.

— Alan

So, what ever happened to half past five? I read a few posts there, back in august, I go back to check out the current situation, and, BAM! IT’S DEAD! DUN DUN DUN!

Dunno - but welcome back thread! hugs thread.

… I have sneaking suspicion that HP5 died. Is dead. No longer alive.

He should have made a Huffy and Smart section. Maybe one day they’ll make that a movie or something.

Smartsky and Huff?

[size=1]DEREK SMART[/size]
[size=2]DEREK SMART[/size]
[size=5]DEREK SMART[/size]
[size=7]DEREK SMART[/size]
[size=7]DEREK SMART[/size]
[size=7]DEREK SMART[/size]
[size=7]DEREK SMART[/size]

I dunno, sometimes he just brings it on himself. Falcon 4 source code, anyone?

The best part about that little flight-sim newsgroup firestorm was when he got confused and started accusing me of leaking it to the public in the first place. The regulars ended up running him out of the group. (looks around innocently…)



Huffybear is better I think.