DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron


In the midst of all the gushing taking place over the latest Star Citizen gameplay reveal, our very own Gordon Cameron slyly steered the discussion towards an ambitious new project he’s been putting together on the down-low, DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S.


So far this looks to be a fantastic new space game reminiscent of such glorious adventures like Star Trek, Star Trader, and WordPerfect 5.1.

Gordon Cameron even leaked his own early alpha footage, much to the disbelief of some of our more percipient and skeptical forum members. So majestic is this image it took only minutes for the first cries of fraud and misrepresentation to echo through the thread. But feast your eyes on this and decide for yourself how plausible such graphically stunning imagery is, given modern day computer limitations. And just a reminder, this is purported to be actual, playable, in-engine footage.


So excited is this developer to hit the ground running, he’s already engaging with fans and has begun to assemble a pretty thorough FAQ; which I’m obliged to include below:

Q: Hmm that (screenshot -ed.) looks photoshopped… also, are the maps procedurally generated?
A: They ARE procedurally generated! I even wrote a function so no two stars end up adjacent to each other. I’m quite proud of it.

Q: Will D.E.R.O.S.S. support Oculus Rift?
A: You can wear an Oculus Rift while you play it. You might want to take it off once in a while to look at the screen.

Q: In your game can you get space health insurance but sometimes it doesn’t pay your space medical bills so you have to get on your space phone and argue with them? I’ve always dreamed of a game with that level of realism.
A: I’ll put that in the to-do list. I am planning to implement a zero-G toilet that occasionally clogs with tribble hair.

Q: I’ll play it.
A: Well, at the moment all you can do is move the ship across the map in one direction, blow yourself up, or quit. Think that’s enough for a decent Let’s Play?

Q: Can I buy an ASCII art spaceship?
A: The Destroyer class can be yours for $300:

Qt3 EXCLUSIVE REVEAL (spoilered for those who wish to go into the game blind):
The Destroyer Class: 3====>

And at the developer’s behest, I humbly pass along the following request: “Please don’t copy-paste. You’re on the honor system!”

Q: Can we get Gary Oldman mocap? Also, can I be a space farmer in it?
A: Gary Oldman expressed interest… in earning $5 million for a day’s work!!! Now I just need $5 million. If you want to be a space farmer, go play M.U.L.E.

And finally, all of this, and more, will no doubt be covered during the huge 2018 DERPSPACE convention announced and scheduled for next year, DerpCon 2018, where all of Gordon’s promises will not only meet and exceed expectations, but will vindicate him against all the skepticism and doubt that such an immense project like this can generate among some of our more short-sighted and unimaginative members.

And while details have not yet been released, the development team behind DERPSPACE have already announced that they’re bowing to pressure and are willing to accept donations of five figures or more from insistent supporters. And while an official crowd-finding campaign has yet to be announced, they’ll no doubt be beating off crowds of enthusiastic space game enthusiasts with disposable incomes for years to come.

With any luck we won’t have to wait until DerpCon 2018 for Gordon to release the first DERPSPACE ship reveal & pre-order trailers .

Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


I wasn’t going to, but I am so glad I decided to check in this thread.


Bring Derpspace to Switch. Perfect platform for it.


Is this going to be compatible with my CX40?


I’ve been trying to get the developer on my podcast, but so far they’ve not returned my calls.


But if the project lead isn’t a famous developer from the late 90s, then how can I trust that this game will get finished?


Cameron better remember that it is the Derpspace COMMUNITY that made his game what it is! He hasn’t been listening to what the fans want, and if he doesn’t start his game is going nowhere. Where are the romance options? Where are multiple endings depending on the player’s choices? Where are the options for people who want BIOLOGICAL spaceships, or NO spaceships? This is garbage! If he wants to make a QUALITY game then the least he can do is take a look at my deviantart, where I have posted my original artwork portraying the single MOST POPULAR feature demanded by fans: space-shipping, or the ability to get in relationships with your spaceships.


Rest assured, all of those features are on our roadmap. In the meantime, we would like to announce the Derpassian Frigate, which can be purchased for the low, low price of $450.


For an additional $59.99 you can also purchase an escape pod:




Does the lifeboat come with a tv?!


Yes but it only gets TBS and Telemundo.


See, even here the dev ignores me. I think he has me on actual ignore. I don’t think he’s forgiven me for my savage review of his last game, Fucklancer.


I believe it’s stylized as DerpSpace.


Big news! Alpha 1.1 is here!


  • Revised title text to conform with box creative
  • Ship can no longer pass through stars and turn them into periods
  • Introducing ship crews! Immersion is enhanced as you see that your vessel contains 12 hardy souls depending on your decision-making for their survival. Are they humans? Regulan bloodworms? Derpassian warrior-priests? You decide!
  • Changed ‘Destruct’ hull damage from 10 to 20 so you can commit suicide faster.
  • Client stability has been improved.



Now it’s starting to look overcomplicated. I’m seriously concerned about feature creep.


Don’t worry, I know it was just because you didn’t get a free code for a Fucklancer Anaconda.

In the spirit of professional comity, here you go:



If we could get clarification on this from a dev I’ll update the name pronto.


The official styling is DERPSPACE

DERPSPACE is a brand name that is very special to all of us at CSI. We would sincerely appreciate your help in keeping it special by referring to our ships as “DERPSPACE Ships” and not just “Derpspacers”. By doing so, you will be helping to protect and preserve a brand name that stands for quality the world over.