DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron

Gordon promised the spaciest game ever, not the most atmospheric! Don’t give in to the feature creep!

But I thought that was one of his Kickstarter stretch goals?

You know, sometimes you gotta let the air out of these stretch goals, to keep things focused.

-2869,en-us,"barren planet"
+2869,en-us,"planet with atmosphere"

Stretch goal fulfilled!

Like letting air out of your tires for better traction?

@Gordon_Cameron any consideration of a possible engine switch?

I’d recommend the Adventure Game Toolkit. Remember to download the Turbo Pascal patch, though, because it breaks on machines with a >400Mhz CPU (like any of us have that!)

Or, maybe even the

Adventure Creation Toolkit

Something as ambitious as DERPSPACE requires the most cutting-edge of engines.


You know we never went in depth on required game specs need to run this.

Will this game require more than 640K of memory ?

Shouldn’t be a problem. After all, the universe runs without any RAM at all!

Instantaneous streaming from the cloud?

Is DERPSPACE planning on STADIA exclusivity?

I heard it’s exclusively on the Starlink constellation currently being launched.
If DERPSPACE considering a buyout of SpaceX?

I doubt it, because a Babbage Difference Engine port is a stretch goal.

Due to my growing enthusiasm for this project, and my unquenched anticipation, I took the liberty of creating a little fan art for DERPSPACE. Maybe one day there will be a support tier where whales can design and submit their own ships for inclusion, but either way I’m sure the mod scene will plug a lot of these holes.

I call this one the Fireball XL5-2.


That fan art and its magnificent 2 engines brings up another question, @Gordon_Cameron will we have to increase our pledge if we want more than 1 propulsion engine on a given ship?

The answer is always yes.

We almost need a dedicated wiki for all this information.

We at DERPSPACE ™ always appreciate free labor creative participation from the fan base.

Dude, if you guys are trademarked you need to get a lawyer on this guy ASAP. Last year he up and ripped you off, and almost two years after your own announcement:

Who the hell is Greg?

It is already version ?

There is a playable demo? :o

Trademark lawsuits are a great way to get press and spread even more knowledge about the game!