DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron


No, Michael Jackson.




Is George Soris funding this???!


You’ve been beating around the bush, but we still haven’t gotten a straight answer yet. How does dynamic gravity work in DERPSPACE? Do you just treat each planet like it’s one big ball all of the same density, or have you simulated plate tectonics, etc. and generated a unique gravity map for each world?

(But seriously, if a game had come out in the '80s where you could look at the viewscreen and see planets in character mode, baby Miguk would have loooooved that.)


Can I support both Derpspace and that Chris Roberts thing? Or do I need to pick one?



I’d just back the one that’s likely to release, so Derpspace is where it’s at, IMHO.


I thought each mass had a unique gravity well generated by the Derpgine?


I think that Gordon’s gonna find this kind of stuff trivial



Of course he will. He invented those equations.


In his sleep no less.




You’re a mathemagician aren’t you?



Yes. Yes, those are Halsey cells. Completely procedurally generated, of course.


Announcing Alpha 1.5!


  • MASSIVE update in universe size! It’s been more than doubled, and there are now 10 procedurally-generated stars to explore!
  • Introducing Stardates ™! Each turn, the Stardate™ will update in accordance with Derpassian Sidereal Horologic Chronography. (The term Stardate ™ has been trademarked and anyone else attempting to use it in either the past or the future will be met with the severest legal consequences.)
  • Space Dysentery has been added to the list of possible shipboard disasters
  • At any time you may now (L)ook out the window and be astonished by a fully-animated, procedurally-generated Starfield whizzing by you!
  • Title text now 47% more epic
  • Client stability has been improved.



Oh man that stability patch cant come soon enough. Really looking forward to see more of derpspace than three consecutive frames.


Can I drink my coffee while looking out the window?


Hell yeah. You don’t need me for that.

Oh, you mean in the game. Ummm… suuuuuure you can. Roadmap.


Oh wow, how did you get the Sony product tie-in? At least I assume that’s why the letters PSP in the middle of the title are closer together.


I offered to change the game name to DERVITASPACE, but they said “we can’t go for that.”


No can do?