DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron



You will no doubt be excited to see this exclusive screenshot of the DERPPG combat system.

BrianRubin, avert your eyes!


I would propose that Mr Cameron tried shutting up and taking your money, but somebody started pestering him with accusations and requests for updates.




My God man, you’ve gone from Zoidberg to Bender.



Jesus Christ, 8 months! How times flies, it feels like only a few weeks ago we saw the first screenshots.


We assure you, that time has been well spent.




Will DERPSPACE support the new Nvidia technologies like DLSS and or Ray tracing?


That depends. Who is Ray, and does he work for free?


Pssst. Just say DERPSPACE will have planar voxel-based raytracing and deep speculum reflections.


Uhh, what he said!


I for one am excited to hear about updates for both DERPSPACE and DERPPG. Very important question: will the latter also feature the revolutionary interspecies relationship system of DERPSPACE, and will CSI be taking advantage of the new Steam guidelines for adult content to ensure the most authentic experience possible for both games?


Are you asking whether you can get it on with lizardmen in DERPPG?



And what about the Lizard women?


Can we find the hidden rocket and rebuild it in DERPPG and when we launch it loads up DERPSPACE?


Ugh what are you, some kind of pervert?


Umm… suuuure. And then you can land on a planet and an entirely new DERPPG world will be procedurally generated for you to quest in!

Yeah, that’s the ticket!




Dude, let him finish the game he promised first, THEN bolt shit onto it, okay?