DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron


But wait, I thought game design was to keep bolting on features and promising everything and never actually finishing the game?


Hahahah oh you silly fucker, no, that’s Star Citizen. Derpspace will SURELY come to fruition.


As DERPSPACE is being coded in Python with ASCII graphics we anticipate a much lower budget than Star Citizen.

$25 million, tops.


Well that begs the question, how many pythons can you afford on the dev team?


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get John Cleese?


What a colossal waste of development budget that would be!!

oh hi Zenimax


I want one of these Gordon. F** Paramount ! Give me it!

Ditto on the John Cleese. Him or Rowan Atkinson (the Black Adder version).


With ASCII graphics level graphics, that could be fudged in I bet without Paramount knowing.


There’s always the Starfleet I solution. “‘K’ stands for… Krellan! Yeah, that’s the ticket!”


I double want my own D-7 now, @Gordon_Cameron !


He wasn’t a Python, silly boy.


I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW That Mr. Rich-Rich!!! I just want that if no Cleese. Plus Adders are snakes like Pythons! JIMINYYYYYYY!


Look we already blew half our budget on Gary Oldman. Although he’s stopped returning our calls and filed a restraining order. But it’s all part of the Hollywood dance.


I showed up for DerpCon 3878 today and nobody was there. Feeling a little burned that I sprung for that ticket from that reputable dude in an alley.


Did he bear a resemblance to Gary Oldman?


SORT of - but there was a bit of a PBR sheen to him, I guess you’d say.



Did he look like this?

Might be the wrong Gary. Dunno if you have the wrong one or @Gordon_Cameron hired the wrong one.


Now now, everybody knows this is what PBR Sheen looks like:


Welll, in the interest of journalistic objectivity, I’d rather hear from a paying Convention attendee like @tbaldree about which drunken bar buddy spokesperson of yours that he met in an alley.


Holy shit, somebody who actually makes real games wandered in here.

Errr, I mean – greetings, esteemed colleague.

While the low attendance of DerpCon 3878 is a cause for concern, the bigger question is, where did you get that time machine and can I use it to go back and bet on the '86 Mets?