DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron


Yeah, I’ve got this co-promotional thing I’ve been meaning to bring up. All very above board. Super legit. …they said.

Well, I mean the guy who sold me the ticket said the date was all in the name of ingame fiction. I’m big into ‘lore’ you know. Ask anybody.


Well, you have to be careful. It turns out that only some of the drunken alley-dwellers you may run into are actually licensed DerpCon™ sales reps.


How many licensees are there? Or is divulging that number a breach of the settlement agreement?



Whoa, @tbaldree you didn’t let any DERPSPACE ™ representatives buy you a drink, nor leave your drink unattended with a DERPSPACE ™ representative? That is not recommended.


He is here to seal your ideas, protect the DERPSPACE source code!


Wait. I had a great time at the con. Some guy named Robert bought me drinks until I purchased a couple thousand dollars in space ships. Then he introduced me to his Ukrainian assistant who brought me into the special screening room. After a few more weird tasting drinks I kinda passed out. I woke up in a bathtub full of icecubes. Later I noticed a sutured scar on my lower left back. I must have fallen down when I was drunk. And Robert was kind enough to have it stitched up.

When I went down to see the rest of the con it was completely gone. The hotel guy said he skipped out. That is so cool. He works with @Gordon_Cameron and he still has the soul of a child.

!0/10 for the first con, Gordon.


Was there any residue on your fingertips?


It was orange. And tasty. Why?


Now I’m even MORE disappointed, since I apparently went to the wrong venue, and you had such a nice time.


I’ve been taking notes in here for a year. I mean, you lay out all this genius in posts, before release, and there’s really no defense.




OP updated to fix broken image links from the old Qt3 host. Bask in the box art glory.


I think you were at the right place, @tbaldree.

And @RichVR…well…


Gordon, after much thought, I’d like to request a reclama on my D-7 request. I’d like a “Corbomite” spaceship of the huge variety, along the lines of the one used by Balok. What pricing am I looking at? I am thinking of using my retirement accounts to make this investment, to secure my future. Do we think a craft like this will appreciate in value over time?


Remember, kids, what do we say when someone asks a question we don’t know the answer to?



So, can we expect a beta in 2020? Don’t let Star Citizen steal your thunder!


Why rush? You know all the real DERPSPACE fans are fine if it takes until 2030 to come out.


I am fine with this as long as we get Fortnite-like Battle Royale game play included.


No, I’d rather have a DOTA2-Battle Royale hybrid.