DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron

Here for the FIRST TIME you can see the exclusive in-game image of the Steven Seagal ‘cook’ character:


The catch is, the Merpendrian frigate is a loss leader to get people hooked and then sell them on the Kerpoolian Cosmic Cruisers, the JPEGs of which start at a tidy $2199.99… but not a word to the whales

Pending the star-studded gala launch of DERPSPACE.COMM*, you can send your $50 billion to the following address:

P.O. Box 34815 1/2
South Bog, Alabama 23512
(Next to the abandoned hog farm)

Grandma Derp checks that box once every couple of weeks.

*.comm is the new hotness, much cheaper than .com

Now this is what I call responsive dev time!!! Sold.

It’s always crunch time around here.

By which I mean, I eat a lot of potato chips.

Is there a cure for depression in this game? I suffer from depression and am looking for some type of holistic solution that aligns closely with my interests and hobbies.


Dude, c’mon. This is DERPSPACE.

What is the opposite of depression? That’s right; DERPSPACE!

See? Just being in this, the official DERPSPACE thread, made you smile.


I also suffer from schizophrenia. Will this game help me?

I think I read earlier that it would help you AND all your imaginary friends!

I have Extreme Gullibility Syndrome. Will this game cure that?

But the voices may disagree. Ignore them. They are not friends, not real and only Derpspace is real.

Hmmm those Kerpoolian Cosmic Cruisers sounds like a solid deal…

How much of DERPSPACE is owned by Tencent?

DERPSPACE will buy Tencent in no time.

Also, there are ships in the game that support Hong Kong , some that support China, and some for those who don’t like politics in their games. So everyone is happy!

None, but Fifty Cent is a major shareholder.

50 > 10, so there you go.

There’s a solution to all your tencent problems @scharmers! Sic the fiddy at 'em!

So must I pay extra to use this as my desktop wallpaper?

Once you pay the initial $49.99 for the JPEG, you may use it as wallpaper, provided nobody else can see your screen.

Sound too good to be true? It’s because, you see, here at DerpSpace™ we care about the customer.

I just realized why DerpSpace is so great, a revelation acquired and informed by some other threads currently ongoing. Even though DS is visually stunning, there’s enough room left for your imagination to fill in the blanks.