DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron

Oh no they won’t have me on the “team”, their artistic and graphical stunningness standards are way too high. I’m just making fan art!

It looks to me like your content is just as functional and playable as the official content.

Mod support confirmed!

So that’s… a lizard. In a Templar shopping bag. With explosive gas?

I like it.

Pfffft… fancy graphics. I hope Derpspace dont go the path of SC and change game engine midway!

That is obviously a Medical Space Goose. Duh.

Why is the planet mostly black but outer space is white?

Dude, obviously he posted the negative so we could re-use the image royalty free on T-shirts and stuff.

Here’s the result when we take it down to Gemco and get it developed:

You’ll now notice the ship is obviously stealthed too. Masterful design.

And the ice planet down there with the lava and melt-water ocean looks truly inviting to the explorer in me.

I like how stars really look like stars. Now that’s fidelity!

Dude, that isn’t even the HALF of it. Just look at his attention to detail! He absolutely nailed their placement too. They align perfectly for all those practicing astrologers out there. It’s remarkable:

Can we read the signs to determine when Derpspace will come out?

When you wake up, and check the thread, and its really delivered over night. :D

Only if you’re equipped with the combination Magic-8-ball-infused sextant backer reward. But I think only a handful of those were claimed as they were only awarded to the top 3 backers, and those 3 backers were all rumored to have been Gordon’s mom.

This is why it took a couple of months.

P.S. Medical Space Goose or MSG is the working title at this point.

I can’t wait for the SyFy channel to buy the rights to DERPSPACE and then cancel it after two seasons despite a small but loyal following made up mainly of QT3 folks and then it will get picked up by Netflix and win awards resulting in a co-op board game and novels.

Is it true that travel on the MSG may cause headaches?

10k webpoints from me! Just enter your bank account number so I know where to send them!

Headaches have been a reported side effect of space travel but fortunately the HMS MSG is fully stocked with various space medicine.

Did you misspell “heartaches”?

No , MSG sometimes causes headaches. ;)

MSG V: The Phantom Pain