DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron


Here’s a sneak peek at an upcoming feature… Planets!!!


Note: The planet rendering engine has not yet been integrated with the Persistent Universe, but it’s on our roadmap.


This is starting to look familiar WAIT A MINUTE…



Shit, that looks badass. I only ever played Starfleet 1!


Seriously, Starfleet 2 is crazy complex. Like, likely one of the most complex space games ever made.

It’s also amazing. Once you read the manual. And do the tutorials (I’ve done two, there are several).

If you wanna try it:


Is the transition from space seamless? Or is there a loading screen?

Edit: oh, and @BrianRubin and @Gordon_Cameron, can we please stay on topic? thx.


As the complete memory footprint of DERPSPACE is currently 6k, we don’t anticipate loading screens for the foreseeable future.


Great! I can play it on my Mac Plus.


You can, but it will run better on a TRS-80.


Word is going around the dark web that the L337 H4X0R CRUE has broken into DERPSPACE’S servers and stolen some early source code… I found this up on a pastebin… pretty sad for Gordon and all of his hard work…


When does that ever happen?


7000 lines of code??? Jesus, this is gonna be harder than I thought.


Why would you post that when the dev is right here in the thread? That’s pretty rude.


Whatever, you SJW developer white knight


As creator and lead dev, you need a title, Gordon

How about:

Supreme Overseer
Supreme Commandant
Supreme Mastermind
Supreme Kingfish
Supreme Top Dog
Supreme Comma . . oh that’s taken


I can’t take this project seriously until Gordon has custom-made sliding space doors in his office.


I’m going with Interdimensional God-Emperor


Oh, man, I played the shit out of WordPerfect 5.1.


I like Immortan Gordon


What is this, Tharsis 2.0?


If I do nice things for my crew members will they reward me with sex?