DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron


When will NDA be lifted?


but are there unscripted sexual encounters with crossdressing metrosexual alien possible in the game? i mean you gotta have at least the bare minimum of modern day inclusivity or your stuck in the past man!


Is there going to be a kickstarter or early access on Steam for this?


More importantly, will you make us your bitch?


That’s on the roadmap.


I really couldn’t care less about the whole DERPSPACE MMO part of this project, just give me the ‘Squadron DERP’ single player game and I’ll be a happy camper.


I want Mark Hamill and a love interest!


I’d settle for his non-union Mexican equivalent!


Someone start a wiki.


I received my Destroyer ship in the mail over the weekend but am furious! I left the floppy in my PC accidentally and my little sister formatted it. How is this possible when I paid extra for the write protection sticker??

Edit - Gordon has still not addressed this issue, a minute after posting.




Actually I think you’ll find I already coded, published and sold this game 30 years ago - CattleBruiser 8,000BC - that did everything this POS game does but like, a million times better. So suck on that.


That game was a buggy mess. Also, something something soda machine.


Are you taking requests for alternate ship types? In would really like to play as a torpedo. I’d be willing to pay the equivalent of buying the game eighteen times if I could blow up other players in the game.

Oh, I need this to play multiplayer in both hotseat and 2400 baud modem.


How does K-12 education work in this game? Can I participate in my child’s PTA? Is the school board made up of bots or players or a mix of both?


Jesus Christ, you want netcode? I can barely write a for loop.

Fans these days are so demanding…


Children in the Derpiverse spend the first 18 years of their life suspended in a pod containing fluid nutrients and hooked up to a virtual reality machine that provides an optimal educational/socializing experience for them, so their parents can ignore them until they are adults.

The school board is 82% bots, 17% players, and 1% nitrogen.


Is there a BBS or usenet to discuss this awesome game? I am so excited I am practically wet down there and need to talk to someone, other than the dev.


Will there be a tie-in Happy Meal for this? My girls are freaking out about the latest alpha release.


There are no plans for a Happy Meal tie-in, but we are in discussions with Roy Rogers. Does Roy Rogers still exist?

Meanwhile, we are pleased to announce the official release of DERPSPACE Alpha 1.3! That’s right – three updates in a single day!


  • The ship can now move in four directions: galactic North, galactic South, galactic East, and galactic West!
  • The letters “U.S.S.” have been automatically placed in front of the player’s ship name, saving valuable typing time
  • The persistent universe now contains 6 procedurally-generated stars, a massive 20% increase in content over the previous version
  • Client stability has been improved.