DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron


Including the bonus excerpts from I, Derpillian: Reminiscences of a God-Emperor, we anticipate the manual will be about 650 pages long.


What is your reaction to claims of IP and copyright infringement?


Can you copyright space, sir? Can you copyright ships, sir? Can you copyright stars, sir? Can you copyright bases, sir???

(Seriously. Can you? Shit, I better call my lawyer just in case. Does anyone know a lawyer?)


Maybe hire that sister-in-law of yours that took two years of law school in the 80s as your legal counsel.


Supreme God-Emperor Commandant Cameron’s reaction to claims of IP and copyright infringement is exactly the same as his reaction to literally any event: he continues to produce the finest goddamn space game of all time, you yellow journalism hack!!!



Yeah, I can remember the days when a 650 page manual would thrill me. I also remember thinking disdainfully about people who would jump into a game without first reading its manual cover to cover. Those days are … no more.


Ah yes. The ancient cry of, RTFM! RTFM!" Nevermore.


LOL! When I got the notification :)


We’ve had some pretty solid threads over the years, but DERPSPACE has brought a new level of conventional fidelity to our discussions. The Face-over-ASCII technology elevates conversation to soul bonding :)


Shit, I know, right? I remember devouring the Janes’ manuals, then buying the fat (and well-written) strategy guides for them. Reading the TAW 2.0 manual and its little “Jane’s” wannabe manual that came with it, cover to cover.

But, somehow, I didn’t do that with Falcon 4.0. Or F/A-18. Something died a little there.



I dunno what you guys are talking about. I recently purchased a boxed copy of Star Fleet 2 just so I could read the immense training manual and found it absolutely joyful.


You will. You will.


Sneak peek at a Starbase interior:


Yes, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO WALK AROUND inside the starbase. I think. I mean, coding is pretty goddamn hard, folks.


When is the Vive port?


This game is being developed purely as a holodeck exclusive.


Eh. Looks ok, but I’m planning to wait for the sequel, Derpspace Nein. Maybe they will have a sale on the first one when the second releases.


The Derp train has a bad history of riding the DLC-horse until its dead.


I was going to pledge for the 4-D code wheel, but I don’t know if the fourth dimension is the standard time or just that I can smell the wheel. Please let me know.


I’m asking this for my neighbor, but will derpspace support teledildonics interfaces?