DERPSPACE: Encounter at Regula O.S.S. |OT| A bold new space game by Gordon Cameron


Does NPC have schedule??!


Yes, but they all drink a lot of coffee, so they don’t sleep much.


Tell your friend to keep an eye out for the DERPSPACE Nights expansion, which is on our roadmap. Our sexy roadmap.


It’s on the roadmap, after the Viewmaster port.



With Mark Hamill and love interest!!


yeah but one should be able to decide both mr Hamill and his partners gender or the very large community of asian women crossdressing as white elderly males will be underrepresented and that will make them angry angrybitches (who know kung fu)! you do not want to fuck with that mr Gordon!


Will Derpspace have a free version sponsored by Taboola ads?


If you sign up for a enhanced subscription for $49.99/month you will be provided with a daily compilation of the highest quality curated ads delivered to you via email and text message. For only $25/month extra you can get the premium experience featuring weekly retro early 2000’s in browser malware style ads.


Guys! Guys!

I just thought of something. I’m not a developer or anything, but imagine when DERPSPACE launches and we’ll be able to raise our virtual families in colony ships and settle worlds and then build new spaceships to take over more worlds and then our kids will grow up and raise their kids on colony ships as they go out and expand our empires and then we can have those grandkids marry the grandkids of other players’ DERPSPACE families and then they can program their own versions of DERPSPACE for their entertainment and then you know we could have DERPSPACE inception.

Like, I think @Gordon_Cameron can do it guys.


you mean Derpception lol


I dunno… that might require, like, 500 lines of code.



I heard a rumor that Derpspace will have sex with aliens… and robots!


Oh cool! That means it’s gonna have futuristic sexually-transmitted diseases!


Gotta keep folks guessing whether the next attack is virus, Trojan, or worm.



That’s a hook - my custom designed pirate ship. I can sell it for $99.


Please make sure to go through the official DERPSPACE user-generated-content authentication process. Once completed, you will be free to sell your pirate ship. All you have to do is pay a nominal fee of $98.50 per sale to Cameron Space Industries.


It’s a derivative design. I already created the . a scout ship. You’ve just taken my design and added a bit of frill to it. I’m reporting you to the Cameron Space Industries Engineering and Profiteering Department.


We’ve got some more sneak-peeks at advanced features. This time we’re showcasing some of the incredible graphical animation effects we’re able to achieve in DERPSPACE’s Asky ™ Engine.

  1. A robot! Walking! Or maybe an astronaut! Or maybe a robot astronaut! An astrobot! The possibilities are endless!!


  1. A procedurally-generated, in-engine starfield such as you might see from the viewscreen of your Derpassian Frigate ($450, all major credit cards accepted, although honestly PayPal is easier)


  1. Space Waves! They’re like waves… but in space!





That’s daylight robbery! um, I mean… yeah, okay! I’ll pay.
My pirate ship now cost $200 a pop!

PayPal has a 180 day buyer protection, are you sure about that? :)