Desert Bus, 11 years late, but more boring than delayed?

Check this out:

I didn’t read all the follow-up links, but the basic premise is too good not to mention:
"You have to drive a bus through the desert from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas. The hard part is that the whole trip is in real-time, so it takes 8 hours, at least.
There is no scenery or even other cars on the road, just plain desert, for 8 hours. Oh, and your bus veers to the right just slightly, so it’s impossible to just tape down a button and go do something else. Rumor has it that if you make it to Vegas, you score one point.

Then you drive it home."

ARRRRGGHHH This has already been posted! DOOM UPON YOU AND YOUR KIN!!!


Will my kin be spared if I chastice myself publically? colon end-parenthesis

Well, as they say on the link, it was just a minigame…

810mb. Now how can a game that is just a bus driving through a destert with no scenery or cars, be 810 megabytes?

I’ve wondered how they did quality assurance for the desert bus part. Did they actually pay someone to sit there and drive this bus all day? If there was an error, say after returning to the start point, how did they reproduce it?

The whole package was called “Penn and Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors.” Desert Bus wasn’t the only game on the disc, just the most memetically robust.

Apparently (according to the radio show) they did pay someone to drive the bus at some trade show one year (E3?). So apparently it worked.

And there were bus stops along the way, but no one ever got into or off the bus. You could stop and open the door, but nothing happened. You weren’t penalized for not bothering to stop.



Tom, when is your review comming out for this game?
Ben, I await the scoreless review in CGW.

So there’s a working Sega CD emulator now?

Tom, when is your review comming out for this game?

I’m not really into bus sims.


I’ve got a version of Fusion dated 11/14/2004 that claims to run SegaCDs. Not that I’ve actually tested that functionality.

Agreed. I laughed, I cried, Phrase of the Year!

The Gens Genesis emulator plays 32X and Sega CD.