Desert Bus for Hope

Mr. Evil Avatar News Whore returns. I must say, this hooked me.

I normally make a donation to Child’s Play every holiday season. I am amused at the thought of my money additionally increasing the marathon video-game-induced suffering of strangers.

They should release Desert Bus on XBLA. Doesn’t EA have the right somehow now?

They don’t say what the $$$ --> time rate is anywhere. How much desert bus time would, say, $100 buy?

Yes they do.

Basically, the more money they get, the less time each additional dollar buys.

Doh, thought I clicked that link. You are the superior Andrew M this time!

Every game with any sort of insane real time journey should be released on XBLA. Like wasn’t there a Le Mans racing game with a real time 24 hour race? Of course America’s Army, the sniper mission. Maybe they could port one of the older MS Flight Simulators, too. I’d love to fly from New York to Hong Kong in real time. Especially if there was a coop mode.

That isn’t a bad idea. Specially with the Ace Combat flight sticks.

If we are stupid enough at any point to drive the bus off the road, the game will be reset and we will start over. To us, it doesn’t make much sense to sit there and wait for a tow truck and then watch ourselves get towed all the way back to the start.

Can we contact them individually? I want to offer one of them money to do that at the end of the run. They’ve tapped into something here - forget charity for charity’s sake; it’s all about sadism.