Desktop speakers in the year of our Lord 2018


I always lusted after those Klipsch speakers after they were a hot item in the PC gaming magazines. I thought about buying a pair to go with my lavish new PC. They were still too pricey given that I only play games on this machine anyway.


These are Wirecutter’s top picks, and are on sale today:

Hell. I might pick them up.


Crap, mine are green. I knew I should’ve waited. I think I got them a year ago.
Great value.


They have the green ones too. How do they sound? I just got a new sound card, maybe it deserves new speakers.


Everyone knows the ones with red stripes sound fastest.

Or would they be slowest, because redshift effects ‘slow down’ sound waves, and therefore blue would be fastest.

Ok Mr Space Game Junkie, you’re the expert here.


They sound awesome, but I’m no audiophile to really review them. Plenty of volume and bass. Much better than most of the PC speakers sold by logitech or creative (I had an old 5.1 creative setup previously). I’m quite happy with the acquisition.


Welp, if these Creatives die, I know what to get. Thanks!


Thanks for the suggestion. I was wondering what would sound as good as my current setup in that price range if mine should ever die.

Seriously, I paid $80 for this Logitech Z4 2.1 system back in 2009:

After 9 years, I still use it more than my living room stereo system for music, and it still sounds absolutely fantastic. That Amazon link is the cheapest I can find a new set now, and that’s $400. On eBay, there are two new sets for sale: $400 and $500. I honestly wish I’d thought to buy a spare set back in '09, because I am still totally in love with them. Fortunately, they still work like new. Great bass, and they still sound awesome even when cranked loud.

But as I’m not going to pay $400 or $500 for the same speakers I paid $80 for, it’s damn good to know that Logitech is still apparently making quality speakers at a reasonable price. @Scott_Lufkin, how do the 623’s fare with music?

The one thing I would miss is the separate control pod with my Z4. I like that I can place it anywhere on my desk and easily adjust the bass and volume (and it even has headphone and input jacks on the pod), because my left and right speakers are pretty far apart, and I’d have to reach behind my second monitor to get to the volume and bass controls if they are on the right speaker.


Wonderful, rich tones and fantastic sound. Everything sounds really nice on these.


This is an issue for sure. I have a keyboard with volume controls on it that works, but it’s still a mild annoyance. That said the old Bostons had the same issue so I’m used to it at this point.


Logitech computer speakers are great and hard to beat in the bang-for-buck category.


Just another shoutout for Orb, here. I have their Booster, which is similar to the mini-t but has an optical input. Great little device. As with some others here, I’m using this to drive a couple of klipsch pro media speakers and a sub after the sub on the promedia set died. Haven’t tried their speakers, but wouldn’t hesitate to after seeing the quality of the booster.