Desktops are fun

Okay, I just finished replacing my 14" MAG secondary monitor with a 17" Mitsubishi that I picked up open box. Woot.

So you ever wonder what a an insane res, dual-display desktop looks like?

Take a gander at 3200 horizontal by 1440 vertical pixels of flat-screen Diamondtron GLORY.

Similar to what I have at work, except with Trinitrons.

19" and 17" combo?

No, two 19"s - just saying dual mon with very high resolution is something I know about :P

Dual monitors are SWEEET… 19" Samsung LCD and 15" Dell LCD here – I could never go back to one display.

Lucky bastid! I don’t know if I’d be able to handle that much goodness. The question is, of course, are you running 1920x1440 on both, or are you running some sissy resolution like 1600x1200? ;)

Amen man. I’ve been using a dual-rig display since '01, and every time I get onto a computer with only one monitor, I feel as if a part of me, the part of me that is productive, has been impaled on a stake or something.

There just isn’t enough room on a 1024x768 desktop for 5 IE windows, 3 chat programs, outlook, a shitload of IMs, and Winamp. Throw photoshop on top of all that, and on anything but a dual-monitor rig, you’re fucked.

hugs my babies

1600x1200 - little point to run it higher rez than than that for me.

At work I have dual 19" monitors that are indispensible. For home I have two 19" monitors next to each other on seperate boxes, far more useful for gaming and general use than a dual setup.

– Xaroc

I use the same thing at work. I merge the two windows desktops together with synergy2 so that I don’t have to pull out the extra keyboard and mouse. I’m still waiting for a Mac OS X port of the client so that I can get rid of my Mac’s keyboard and mouse too. It would be awesome to see my mouse cursor float seemlessly between the three monitors on my desk.

Dual monitors wreaks havoc with games. I used to have two 19" CRTs side by side and I always had to disable the secondary monitor to play certain games.

More trouble than it was worth.

I’ll probably set it up again soon just for bling-bling factor though.

And I’ll get that stupid volume knob.

So, what is “FUCK.txt” all about? :lol:

Not nowadays. I haven’t had to disable my secondary display for a single game.

Might have something to do with how you set up the monitors. I’m not using nView or anything. Could be those utilities that tell windows to pop up in certain spots and so on screw things up. With the XP defaults, I’ve had no problems.

You must be playing boring games or something. Several of the awesome games that I play can’t deal with dual monitors because the mouse cursor doesn’t hit an “edge” on the right and doesn’t scroll the view correctly.

I don’t use nView either…I think it’s crappy.

Machfive, I have been an e2 user since 1999. I don’t node though.

I want to know what’s inside FUCK.txt.

Well, I have a tendency to keep notepad open while doing my computing, which amounts to 24/7. By the time I do a reboot 14 or 20 days later, I’ll have a bunch of shit in the file and can’t remember what is important and what isn’t. So the packrat I am, I inevitably save those to my desktop, in the hopes that in the future, I’ll go back and extract the necessary info.

The file create date on FUCK.txt is…Tuesday, Aug 12, 2003. :D


I think I’ve stumbled across your homenode at some point. Ain’t e2 grand? I haven’t had a chance to node on there in ages. One of these days I’ll spit out 17 nodes in a few quick days so I can finally get my Ching! on.


My two monitor’s combined number of pixels now is 3993600. Your dual 1600x1200 resolution is only 3840000 pixels.


Ah, see, I have only 2097152 combined pixels.

But they’re ultra-sharp, crystal clear digital LCD pixels, which are worth at least twice as much as your fuzzy analog VGA pixels. :-)

[size=1](Motion blur? That’s, er, intra-frame anti-aliasing! A feature, not a glitch!)[/size]

Ah, the devious “motion in the ocean” argument. I scoff your general direction.

So, you keep track of your visits to Electronics Boutique? (eb visits.txt file that was open but minimized)

Just wondering.