Desperadoes help

I just picked up Desperadoes. I like it in concept–how can you not like a game that features a monkey trained to kill?–but I’m having one problem: whenever my character walks into a building, he disappears. I can hit caplock and get the character’s outline, but I still can’t see the interior of the building. Is there some way to get exterior walls to go transparent when you’re in a building? How do people deal with this? It’s bizarre, because my recollection is that Commandos (which this game is based on) had transparency or something that let you move around inside buildlings.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

The only time walls/roofs disappear is when there is something to accomplish in that particular building. Otherwise, your outline is all you get.

It really isn’t a big deal, as all you’ll be doing in those buildings are hiding for a few minutes, or stashing bodies.