Despicable Me

Saw this today. Very well done and satisfying. Kids loved it, but I think the adults loved it more.

Agreed. Took the spawn to see it last night and we both really enjoyed it. Some seriously funny parts, great pacing.

Saw it in 2D and during the closing credits and amusement park scene wished I’d gone for the 3D version.

I want minions.

I want to see this, more so than ToyStory 3


I know, blasphemy!

Saw it in 3D. Loved it. And yeah, most of the movie is pretty 3D-lite, I could easily have enjoyed it without as it didn’t add much, but the closing credits abused the hell out of the 3D and was awesome.

I enjoyed it more than Toy Story 3…but that’s me.

I liked it lots. It’s mostly a lot of jokes tied together with a little heartwarming story. Nothing too deep, nothing too serious, but all in all, a lot of great fun.

I, too, want minions.

I don’t know if I would say this, but I thought the pathos and cohesiveness were definitely stronger here.

Liked this quite a bit; the direction of the voice actors to not sound like themselves was quite inspired, as was the general zaniness.

The Bank of Evil’s former name was likely the best culturally-saavy reference I’ve seen in an animated film ever.

Loved this movie too. A good fun little afternoon movie. It doesn’t have the staying power of Toy Story 3, I dont have any desire to see Despicable Me again for example. But definitly worth seeing the theater and surprisingly better than I expected.

Yeah, my wife and I both busted up at that.

This movie was enjoyable, but pretty much run-of-the-mill after having seen Toy Story 3 the night before. Definitely should have seen them in the opposite order!

Haven’t seen TS3, but yea, completely run of the mill story line in Dispicable Me. Still, it was cute with lots of little funny bits and the wife and I had an enjoyable couple hours.

Saw this a few days after seeing Toy Story 3. Both my wife and I thought it was far better than TS3.


I loved how Vector’s equipment/ship was all streamlined, Apple-style, whereas Gru’s was the clunky PC-version. And that Lehman Brother’s tossout was GREAT.

Saw this with my wife a few days ago, and we both loved it. My wife is hoping if we have a daughter that she has a little Agnes in her (“It’s so FLUFFY!!!”). We both want minions.

After seeing this my wife now wants to give birth to her own Agnes.

Problem is, they don’t stay “Agnes” for long…

Got to see this and it was quite good, and it got a lot of laughs out of this 29 year old.

If they grow up to be "Margo"s, I’m ok with that.

If you do it right (can you really though?), they do! I have living proof.

Just saw this with my wife, and loved it. A Pixar caliber film not made by Pixar. Much fun!

Well, that answers my question as to whether the end credit animations were the same in the 2D version. I would have expected not, seeing as their entire purpose was to be 3D, but I guess it would have been too much work to render a separate end credit sequence.

We saw it in 2D and still found the credits animations funny. I’d actually never considered how they might have been designed for 3D, but I prefer to see movies in 2D.