Desserts with Alcohol

My wife and I thought it would be fun to cook/make up some type of dessert that features alcohol as an ingredient tonight. It’s not something we ever do but something we tend to enjoy when we out.

So, I need some suggestions/recipes. Whatcha got?

For an easy peasy dessert try a Grand Marnier crepe.

Tirimasu springs to mind as being relatively easy to make but not too heavy on the booze.

Poached pears are much better than they sound, usually the poaching liquid contains red wine or a sweet liqueur.

Chocolate rum balls are always tasty.

If you’re doing this with guests in mind, any kind of flambé (banana’s foster, etc.) is always fun.

Tiramisu contains alcohol? I never knew that!

It’s not too heavy on the booze but the base is soaked in Espresso and Marsala wine.

I’ve had Tirimasu and can’t for the life of me remember what it tastes like. I will look it up.

It’ll just be the wife and I this time but that does sound like fun.

You can go easy and just make a mousse with grand marnier or banana liqueur.

You can also make a simple pound cake and soak it in rum or a flavored liqueur.

Mix in a sprinkle of coriander into vanilla ice cream, and put a scoop of that in your glass. Cover with raspberry lambic (Linedmann’s is the only kind I can get in Utah). Awesome.

Kahlua is excellent with most deserts.

Frangelico Affogato

1 double-shot of espresso
1 scoop high quality vanilla ice cream
1 shot (1.5oz) frangelico liqueur

Put the ice cream in a glass, top with frangelico, pour the espresso over top. Serve immediately, before the ice cream all melts. Eat with thin tuile cookies.

That sounds awesome.

Oreo cookies and beer.
Chocolate chip cookies and beer.
Cheesecake and beer.

The possibilities are endless.

There’s a dessert at Roast in Detroit - Beer and Pretzels. It’s Guinness-infused ice cream, topping chocolate-covered pretzels and mingled with a caramel foam. It’s sublime.

So that’s my recommendation - make a beer or liquor-flavored ice cream. Then stick it on top of a brownie or something and drizzle it with hot fudge or more liquor/beer.

Crepes Suzette obviously wins, but it can be a bit intimidating to make all those crepes and then worry about torching your house.

A nice alternative is Chambord liqueur poured over vanilla ice cream on top of fresh waffles.

I make a 3 layer torte with Chambord that’s really good (if you’re a chocolate fanatic). The top and bottom layers are dark chocolate + Chambord, the center layer is white chocolate cheesecake, and the completed masterpiece is coated with a puréed raspberries+even more Chambord glaze. It’s a many-hour task to prepare and complete death to any diet (4 pounds of butter, 8 pounds of chocolate, etc. etc.), but it’s worth it.