Destiny 2 - I don't have time to explain Bungie's MMO shooter 2.0

Just the official Twitter announcement for now.

But we did get this leaked poster a couple of days ago:

We’ve also heard that, yes, Destiny 2 is coming to PC.

You have my attention…

I burned out on Destiny hard but I know I’ll be in for this day one. Game makes no sense but it’s still a fun shooter.

But where to play? On the PS4 where I know I’ll have someone to play with or on the PC where I know I’d actually be able to hit things and not die horribly all the time lol.

Guess I already know that answer. Better get back to my lvl 14 guy in Destiny and work on not sucking so bad with the controller.

Oh god this thread title will be grating to me for the next 3 years at least

It’ll be Xbox for me, which means another couple of years of reading impressions of all the PlayStation timed exclusives that I won’t get to play for several months.

All good Guardians to go… um… sequel?

Norabunga’s Destiny!

Tell Us About Your Destinies (that are Interesting)

No kidding. What is that even supposed to mean?

It’s infamously bad Destiny lore.

Genuinely sorry I asked.

Hey, I could’ve gone with the equally infamous “That wizard came from the moon!” which was so bad, Bungie even joked about it.

Bungie even sold a t-shirt about it.

I want that t-shirt and I haven’t even played the game.


Yuck? I kinda want that. Plus the moon wizard t-shirt.

What’s with the superdeformed art style?

Maybe they’re trying to honor the original Peter Dinklage Ghost character? The Dinklebot. That’s the only way I’ve played the game. I never did go back through the whole game again to hear Nolan North do the lines instead.

Just looks like the funkopop style to me.

Yeah, Funkopops ruined everything.